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I recently subscribed to Car and Driver magazine because I enjoy Car and Driver magazine.

Video for Again and Again is out!!!! Link in bio!!!! Lemme know what you think!!! #againandagain


June 15!


Less than 2 weeks to go!!! Thank you so much for all the generous donations!!! Let’s see if we can get this over $2k so I have another @musicheals_ca gala ticket to give away. Help support a wonderful cause!!


Thanks, studio floor.


20 years ago I met Josh. It’s easy to take his talent and friendship for granted when I spend 190 hours a week in the studio (or on the road) staring at his face, but let me tell you, he is something else. I’ve laughed at more dumb shit with this guy than anyone else on earth. You can’t imagine the memories, triumphs and challenges we’ve shared together. I learn from Josh every single day and owe him so so much. Incredibly grateful to have you in my life. Happy birthday @joshramsayofficial


NEW VIDEO FOR AGAIN AND AGAIN COMING SOOOOON. If you think this preview looks good, just wait till I’m in it. #matteatsthefruitplatter


Shred city. Off to a good start this month.


Some of you may be surprised to learn that this perennial was actually named after @joshramsayofficial himself. It’s called Whoresradish.




Scotiabank 5k & Peach Classic Triathlon training. Im slow, but I look good doing it. 💪🏻 🏃 🏊‍♂️ 🚲


Thank you so much for you donations, we’ve cracked $1000! Let’s make it $2000? $3000? The sky is the limit! And for each $1k I will enter everyone into a draw for a ticket to the @musicheals_ca Strike a Chord Gala in Vancouver. See the Marianas T Facebook for details. Donation link in my bio! Stoking.




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