Maverick & Marlowe🐾@mavandmar

Brother and sister❤️ Born on 3/28/16🎂 Rescued on 6/4/16🏡 Lovers of fish🐟, cardboard boxes📦, and always ready to play at 5 AM!⏰ #AdoptDontShop

I always have my sister’s back🐾❤️


This pose usually gets us a few treats😏


Did I hear you say you needed help with the laundry?👕😂


It’s our birthday!🎉 We’re 2 years old🎂 Oh, and don’t worry about Maverick. He partied a little too hard last night & ate one too many treats😂


In honor of #NationalPuppyDay, I wanted to show you I can high five with the best of ‘em🐶🙌🏼


The humans can’t leave if they can’t put their shoes on👢 Oldest trick in the book😏


How long ‘til they notice their wallet’s gone?😂 Don’t worry, I’ll hide it somewhere good!💸


Turns out these boxes weren’t for us to play with📦 but because we were moving!🙀 Luckily, all of our toys & treats made it safe & sound📍🚚🐾


Happy Super Bowl Sunday!🏈 Hoping to sneak some pizza at halftime while the humans are watching Justin Timberlake😏🍕🎶


2017 was our first full year with our humans after being rescued in 2016!❤️ We can only hope 2018 is just as amazing. Happy New Year!🎉


These are all just toys for me, right? I mean, why would they hang them if they weren’t for me to play with?🎄


We may have been tiny kittens in this photo, but the love between us hasn’t changed❤️ So glad we were adopted together! #AdoptDontShop


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