Maxine Hall@maxxhall2

Positive outgoing people person and I definitely don't like negativity in people! Try to stay positive to keep hope alive. We all need hope!😍✌️🤗

My daughter is laughing at me saying I'm being funny as I'm showing her how big this bonnet is. I still say it's a big ass bonnet and she's saying it's not that big!😃 Don't you think it's too big?🤔 There's enough room in here to cover 3 heads!😉


Happy Father's Day to all us single mothers who do the job of being a mother and father to our children. Happy Father's Day to all fathers too cause without you there would be no mothers!😍


Arizona is just too cute even with the cone on.😍


The sisters are finally bonding with each other. 😍💜🤗


My baby is happy with her babies!😍🤗


Hi, I'm Arizona. New kid in the Hall family. 😍


I'm just chilling in sunny LA!


Meet Arizona, Cali's new sister. They are checking each other out and aren't bonding yet.🐩😍


Me & MJ's uncle when I was in Seattle. This wacky duck truck/boat goes into the water and tours around the boathouse used in Sleepless in Seattle movie.😎🦆


AJ is looking like you can't be serious with this picture?😍😃


Cloudy day today and I can't see Catalina Island!😅 People still love to come and hang out.👍


Junior and senior enjoying some bonding time together. Jr. is like, "Oh give me a break!"


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