🧘‍♀️Prof de yoga
🤸‍♀️Accro aux équilibres
🐈 Folle de chachats

It’s 5 in the afternoon already and I don’t know where time went. Because I have been numbing my confused and anxious brain with various distractions since I woke up. I don’t know how to spend time alone.
I probably watched 20 youtube videos and liked 4485764249 pictures on instagram.
I don’t know why I’m doing this to myself. I think this is super lame but I know I’m not the only one.
So I decided that from now on, Monday will become a day without any social media.
Time to read books, take photos, start drawing again and go outside. Live.
#comeonMarion #lookup


Today I ate twice my weight in food and learned that I suck at Jungle Speed. And you, your Sunday?


When you’re trying to look graceful and fierce but your body thinks you’re trying too hard.
(btw I can’t stop laughing at the fact that I am looking at Noodle at the end!!!???😂) #yogafail #gracefulasfuck


I don’t really have anything interesting to say so here is a little flow from Monday, with Noodle.
If you want to see a cat getting a manicure watch my story! This cat is killing me 😂.


Slacklining is so much fun!
Such a cool way to work on balance and it works the legs too!
If you’ve never tried you definitely should! 🤓
#slackline #slacklining


Throwback to adventures with this guy ❤️
#trecime #pinchamayurasana


I don’t have many failures. If I’m making a cake and it fails, it becomes a pudding.
- Clifford Crozier
“Life Lessons from 100 year olds” on Youtube



Still in Italy in my head. .
#pragserwildsee #lagodibraies #dolomites #exploreitaly


In the best place with the best man. I’m just so happy. #dirtydancinglift 🤓


Venise. Our first day in Italy.
Cute colorful streets, brick walls, hundreds of bridges, red wine, pasta and thousands photos of our ugly « no lip all teeth » smiles. It was a good day. We loved the cute little streets and corners away from the touristy spots the most.
If you want to see more ugly faces and some cute streets, it’s in my story and highlights. #venise #handstandeverywhere


Currently at the airport, we are flying to Italy in about an hour! 🤓
We have spent the majority of the day in public transportation and sitting and waiting. I’m going a little crazy. I mean more than usual.
All I want is to be upside down. I had to stop watching handstand videos on insta because frustration haha. I’m addicted. But I’m sooo excited for this trip !! (Isn’t my little Noodle a super cutie?) #pinchamayurasana


It’s 4:48 here and I’ve been up for over two hours. 😬 Maybe it’s the coffee I had at noon or I can’t sleep because I’m too excited to leave for Italy.
Anyways, it’s fine because I did some yoga in my kitchen and then I was searching for a diy video on how to make your own embroidered cap (because I spent the previous hour looking for a cute hat and couldn’t find one so) and ended up spending an hour watching videos from @shmoxd and now I want to learn embroidery and a punch needle and hoops are in my cart. This is my new whim. 🙃 #tiredthoughts