Gaby & Kao@mctwoface

🌟 Two sisters who love #videogames! 🎮
🌟 Kao lives in Japan 🇯🇵 Gaby lives in Sweden 🇸🇪
🌟 Dm for collab 💌 #playstation #ps4

Playing uncharted can be difficult sometimes 😂
/Love Gaby


@molang.official is here to protect some of my precious games.. except for mafia 3 cause I don't give a sh!t about that one 😂
/Love Gaby 💞


Do you also have the Playstation icon lights? I use Ruby's room every now and then to take pictures having the balloons in the background 🤣
/Love Gaby


Higly addicted to this after spending a good amount of hours playing God of war, Detroit: Become human and Dragon age inquisition and now I'm stuck with Sims 4 😍 why and how?! I have no fucking clue but I love it to bits!
/Love Gaby


🖤 Shirt by @rareloots 🖤
I don't post much pics when I wear glasses but the truth is I am pretty blind without them 😳😖
/Love Gaby


👕 @rareloots 👕
Check out @rareloots for more gamer shirts! I'm so happy with mine! 😍
/Gaby love


Playstation will always be my favorite tho 😇
/Love Gaby


Write your PSN
/Love Gaby


Have you guys played this game? 😍
/Love Gaby


Matching socks with my one year old ❤️
/Love Gaby


One of my favorites! Remember playing this on ps3 with Kao when it was just released and we had a blast! I miss playing games with her so much. When the remastered version came out my besties bought it for me, that's why I got it on ps3 and ps4 which is freaking amazing! 😍💎
/Love Gaby

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