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@dirtypthirty pain pills n issa $songs 💣💥 Demetrius Scott :FB

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DIP @fredosantanassr call up lil #mucci like to shoot things thanks for the shout out i remember carrrying big guns chasing all the thots on front street with this man Dip #bloodmoney @mucci62 nick name gucci


My baby Momma had sum to do with this @dolcegabbana


I be having to much fun forget to take pics but a lot of cameras was on me 2018 coming outside more😃 @poloralphlauren


Got my dogs with me I'll let em loose !!!! I know u been watching me n stealing from me since u first started rapping I gave u my first rap book lil Keith this rap like 2 years I
Old MFS stay putting cameras in my crib My mixtape coming soon 💭


#2pac #tupac #meechie #reincarnated #myambitionazarider this video is a glimpse of my life before I got shot damn near 20 times .... #god watch the video every where I go they taking pictures of me or recording videos


#babyphilosophers I need more books time fly 🤔


Who started wearing polo first 🤔 #tb


IPhone 4 #tb


I got this tattoo wen I was 14 or 16 .... All I'm saying is I been to heaven and back my name is Demetrius shout out to the actor Demetrius I met u before #demetrius #tupac #tupac #alleyezonme #alleyezonmemovie #thuglife #thuglife @liltunechi @50cent @thuggerthugger1 @nickiminaj @richforever #god n I see and hear all y'all music please don't diss me it's bad for your health .


Right side of my neck ... Ima let it stay #fuckairportsecurty