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happy birthday weekend to this little dude - he’s the sweetest nephew i ever did imagine and his love of animals and science (see photo above of his second favorite birthday gift — the first being a gecko) is unparalleled! ⚡️🎉💕


the result of being confined to my apartment with a wretched (almost hilariously so) cold is that when i started to feel slightly human again i tackled hanging this gallery wall (apologies go out to my family who visited my petri dish for spring break this weekend)

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

this bowl was an accident but is now a staple


⚡️dj dv ⚡️he’ll be hitting the festival scene hard this spring


(almost) brunette mafia coming for you (photo by @robotrobet)

Skates Roller Skating Entertainment Center

not bad, for a mall. not bad at all.

Westfield World Trade Center

happy lunar new year / these colors are ⚡️

Wei's World

@kateberryberry just understands how to live (and tablescape but that’s basically the same thing)


the colors are a little brighter, the air is a little crisper and food just tastes a little better with this @trussnyc bag in my life! ⚡️🔥👏🏻 @gilliantozer + @durbecq, you’ve realllly done it this time!


one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure


words to live by from @susan_alexandra. and i trust her, so it must be true.