Alaska 👑🐾@meowlaska

🐯 White Tiger Queen
🎂 sassy since 5.7.2013
🐶 fluff-brother Bodhi (sheltie)
🎂 Alaskas slave since 17.5.2017
🏡 Germany
💌 [email protected]

Damn it... my camouflage in winter worked way better for hunting 🙀🙀🙀 Any hunting tips for a white princess like me?!


When you see your crush coming to your barbecue pawty! 😻 Help me out with some pick up lines my furriends!!! 🙀🙀🙀


My tip when your human tries to make you come inside - hide deep in the trees so that she won't find you. If she does find you climb in them - she will get thousand scratches and scars by trying to get you inside. That's what I call revenge 😸😸😸


When someone asks me why I still have all this winter fluff and rolls even though it's bikini body season 😾 excuse me?! One more word and I will rip your summer fluff off your body and wear it as winter coat next year 😾😹


Throwing the cake off the table?! Me?! I swear human you must mistaken me for the doggy 😹🍰


That annoying Monday is stalking me again 🙀 It just can't accept I am having a relationship with caturday and Sunday 🙈🙀😹


What?! You don't catch the birdies for my food yourself human?! 🙀You are SO lazy!


When my human says I can't go to a pawty every weekend! 😾 Well if you had a social life human and would go out yourself I could throw the pawties with my furriends at this house 😹 So you should definitely think about YOUR life choices crazy catmom and not mine 🙊


Why is there always such a hype of black cats and bad luck on friday the 13th huh? 😾 I mean I am a white cat and I can also bring you "bad luck" and mess with you if you want me too... the challenge is officially accepted human 😸😹 I want to wish Luna from @bixbie_and_luna a wonderful birthday 😻 She is as white, fluffy and sassy as me so you should definitely pass by and send her some birthday wishes 😸 Hope you enjoyed your day with lots of tuna cake and cuddles Luna!🎁🎂🎈🎉


When you your cat crush walks by and you try not to move so he doesn't notice you are outside with the embarrassing human 🙀🙈 Really... don't want anyone to know this awkward human is mine 🙀🙀🙀
Don't forget to enter our giveaway to celebrate Elvis birthday #elvisgoldenyears ❤️😻🎉


Showing off my tongue even though it's not #tongueouttuesday 👅😸 If that's not badass I don't know what is 😎🔥


When you see that the female neighbor cat is as attractive as you are😾🙀 Listen up you fluffy but - all the boys in this hood are mine! 😼😸 You don't wanna compete with such a schmexxy sass lady like me🔥 😸😹


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