The most relateable face in the world.
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When ur girl gets home late so u just sit there and give her that look #splainyourself


When bae says u look cute when ur mad #holdmeback


Went into the archives to sweeten up your Sunday with Memories of Merlin #whathappened


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My face after trying to think of a word that rhymes with “orange” #doorhinge


Some people make your eyes roll so far back into your head that you can look into your brain and actually see how much you don’t give a fluff.


When ur bestie says they’re getting back together with their ex for the three hundred and fifty sixth time 🙄 @junotheangrycat
Tag yours! #theresoneineverycrowd


Celebrating Canada day by taking some blonde b*tches our for a pontoon cruise. #eh #sorry 🇨🇦
What country are you from and why do you love it?


Contemplating the meaning of life is a lot harder when there’s nine of them. #whatismypurpose


Do you think my personality matches my appearance? Or am I all hiss, no scratch?
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Ignorance is bliss but stupidity is forever 🤷🏼‍♀️


When people are having a heated political debate and you have absolutely nothing to contribute to the convo #voteformerlin