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Are you even in a relationship if you don’t do this to your bf? #HeLeftHisAssInSweden 🇸🇪 @robertsandberg (he’s gonna kill me when he wakes up and sees this 😂)


Most little girls dream of their wedding day growing up. I dreamt of The French Laundry. #tbt


Grinding in the AM so I can eat @emmerandrye in the PM 😩 (the black garlic ice currently on the menu is the best dessert I might’ve ever tasted in my life)


This text came in today from the head of a prominent porn company that I was associated with 4 years ago for a couple months. They have time and time again re-released “remixes” or “compilations” with my name attached to try and claw their way into a semblance of relevancy, when all they’ve been doing is hindering my efforts of moving on. This is how deluded these disgusting people are: I’ve gone on record countless times across a number of outlets solidifying my regret, shame, and disdain for anything related to this industry and they still think that “great money 😀” is the important thing, or enough to make me re-consider. There is nothing to reconsider. A mistake I made when I was 21 almost RUINED my life and I have fortunately been able to pick up the pieces and move forward. I don’t make the same mistakes twice. To any and all future requests like this: how about you ask your daughter instead. I’m sure the money would be great for her 😀


For the first time in my life, I am utterly ashamed to be from Maryland. See why on the new episode of Sportsball in my bio, go check it out ♥️ #FireDurkin #FireUrban #CleanseCollegeFootball


Not sure what I did to deserve this patient angel, but I’m so lucky to have him in my life 😂 Jag älkar dig min isbjörn @robertsandberg ♥️ #SvenskiRumpa


When he cooks, is loyal, and supports the Capitals to make you happy... 👱🏽‍♀️ #haveaseatbabe. 😂😂
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THESE PICTURES ARE 4 DAYS APART!!! Y’all, I regret NOTHING about the first photo. I ate ricotta & truffle stuffed chicharrones and brown butter popcorn in bed at 1 AM with my boyfriend knowing damn well the amount of work I’d have to put in later on. I said yes to more pita bread, and honey butter biscuits and Lardo on Lardo on Lardo, I had two lunches back to back in Montreal. I lived and I ate and I loved every second and every bite of it. Don’t order a fucking salad when you really want the burger. Sometimes I call this merry-go-round I’m on with my weight a vicious cycle, but really this is the epitome of balance. I’m no where near my May/June weight and body fat percentage (16% - 19% now), but this is progress!!! 15lbs gained, 4lbs already lost. Patience and hard work is allllll it takes ♥️ thanks to my trainer @kellygeefit for her constant support!


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Sweat: Myself


New @sportsballch is live!! Link in my bio to catch this week’s episode


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The only thing that makes me as happy as carbs is currently in Copenhagen 🥐