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MULTITASKING! Called in and joined the @drhockeypodcast boys tonight while also squeezing in a laser sesh before my next travels with my fairy godmother @texasdelarosa at @texaslaser. Use code “KHALASER” when you book your laser appointment online or on the phone for 10% off your session, and keep and eye out in my story for the link to the Dr. Hockey episode! Thank you so much for the fun, @drjaycalvert and @wingsfan821! ♥️


Mia K.

Worst undercover cop ever #thewire (📸: @kattykatdawgg)


Mia K.

New YouTube video is live and the link is in my bio. It explains why I look so miserable, and why @kattykatdawgg looks so happy to be in public wearing matching hot pink Juicy Couture tracksuits 🤦🏽‍♀️ #JuicyGirls


Mia K.

Find someone that looks at you the way @jerfsolo looks at @robertsandberg (our new YouTube video is out!!! Link in my bio if you haven’t seen it yet!) 📸: @kattykatdawgg


Mia K.

“Everyone’s doing it...” 😂 thanks for capturing my peer pressuring of @jerfsolo perfectly, @hunterweeks! @robertsandberg had a helping hand too. Can’t wait to share with y’all the video from these past two days smoking A5 Wagyu brisket from @crowdcow with @la_barbecue!


Mia K.

My safe word is “sausage” 📸: @leannmueller1 #BarbecueFeminized


Mia K.

Nothing more romantic than red meat 🥰 Today was an exciting day... Two A5 wagyu briskets from @crowdcow are currently being smoked on @la_barbecue’s pits. I know it looks like Wagyu, but the second video isn’t, it’s just @la_barbecue’s normal melt-in-your-mouth brisket! Third slide in the pits is the the A5, 15 minutes in and it’s already so impressive!!! Stay tuned tomorrow for the taste test! Follow @crowdcow and @la_barbecue for more food porn ♥️


Mia K.

Out of the 476 photos I made @robertsandberg take of me during dinner at @emmerandrye tonight, this was my favorite one 😇😂 (our new YouTube video is live btw!! If you haven’t seen it yet, the link is in my bio)!


Mia K.

Our new YouTube video is live!!!!!! Link in my bio to watch @robertsandberg and mine’s Scandinavian adventure from my September trip! ♥️ #Sweden #Denmark 🇸🇪🇩🇰


Mia K.

@robertsandberg had the genius idea to store eggs in an airtight container with incredible white truffles from @gourmetattitude for 4 days then scramble them 😍 topped with caviar from @thecaviarco #BreakfastOfChampions 💪🏼 (EDIT: I’m using the shaver upside down 😂)


Mia K.

“Take a picture of me” *@robertsandberg soaking wet and exhausted*: “is this good?” Me: “No, one more” 😂


Mia K.

Do I look like a 25 year old that went to a bourbon event, didn’t have a single drink, and fell asleep with the lights on before 11:15? Because I am. Thanks for not cropping my shoes out of the pic, @robertsandberg ♥️