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Mt. Hood Oregon
I enjoy taking photos,
art, traveling, skateboarding,
snowboarding, & building things


Had this entire place to ourselves one morning. 💙


Silky textures of one of my favorite waterfalls.


Coyote went far up in the country.
Making a snow mountain,
He said,
“This shall be called Tahoma!” (Mount Rainer)

Heading south until Tahoma was no longer visible,
He said,
“I will make another mountain round at the top. This shall be called La-we-lat-klah!”
(Mt St. Helens)

Seeing it was too far away from the first, he made another mountain half way between.
He said,
“This one shall be called Patu! This shall be the husband of the two others”
(Mount Adams)

They say that La-we-lat-klah got jealous of Tahoma, and threw fire at her. She burnt Tahoma’a head off, burnt her back bone and shoulders too.


A crack in the earth heats a creek to a boil. The moon lit up the valley with soft light and the steam evaporated into the cold air.


Clouds came in overnight and the wind picked up. I unzipped the tent expecting gray to dominate the view. I looked north to find a land of snow capped volcanos engulfed in the colors of fire. Can you name all these peaks? Hint, I photographed these looking north from 7,000’ on Mt. Hood.


This moment was the most excited I’ve ever been shooting photos, everything was so lined up to shoot so many different compositions.


Watching the pink fade to blue. If you have any tips or tricks on time lapses please comment and help me figure out what the hell I’m doing here.


Such a simple and composed desert scape created by the elements abrasive tendencies. What time can create is marvelous.
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I found solitude at 3am, sat on a log, watching the twinkle, and listened to nothing.


Horse Shoe Bend Tip: bring a wide angle.


I was searching around on google earth and came across a lake with road access. Naturally, we packed the car and headed out for a night. We set up a camp near the shore and catered to a fire. I paddled on top of stars reflecting the sky, suspended in space. Then crawled out of bed early to watch @virginia_lily glide into the first light and it’s echo below. Classic. #mycanonstory


Sunset and moonrise within minutes of each other. Not sure how that works since the earth is flat.