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Dropping in on a windy and willy Pipeline wave on the north shore of Oahu. I don't know who the surfer is here but the waves were huge this day and also quite random, with winds causing a whole lot of wipeouts. #pipeline #northshore #oahu #hawaii @nikonusa #nikon #surf #surfing #bigwavesurfing


André Gomez standing in front of the famous wave at Nazare on a small day at sunset. While Nazare is known for the giant waves that show up once or twice a winter most of the time it looks like this in winter--decent size waves for a normal surf break but nothing to write home about at this moment. On this evening the sunset reflected in the water was pretty spectacular. Of all the spots we visited on the @ngexodusaveirofest road trip last week Nazare was the one place that got me really excited. I can't wait to come back here when the waves are huge to shoot surfing. Thanks @bernardonconde for including this stop on the tour! #nazare #portugal #surf #surfing


The view from the Torre atop the Serra da Estrela mountain range, which means the “Star mountain,” in central Portugal. The peak is a wide, flat spot that also has a ski area. At an altitude of 1,993 metres (6,539 feet), it was quite cold this morning - around 2 degrees Celsius. The view looking down at the surrounding mountains in the range, with fog built up between the mountain layers, was gorgeous. I built a 200-megabyte panoramic image file from ten separate images taken with the new Nikon D850. The detail in the final image file is insane. Thanks to the @ngexodusaveirofest for this incredible tour of Portugal! #portugal #serradaestrela #torre #exodusaveirofest #nikon @nikonusa #nikond850


Sunrise over the Quinta do Vesuvio vineyard in northern Portugal. We woke up an hour before sunrise and made our way up to the top of this very steep vineyard overlooking a lake below, which as can be seen was covered in fog. Currently on a tour of northern Portugal with @gmbakash @elialocardi @shamsfilmmaker @oliverhl and the @ngexodusaveirofest crew. The National Geographic Exodus Aveiro Fest was a phenomenal event this past weekend. I really enjoyed hanging out as well with @rezaphotography @amivitale and @pedromcbride and of course with all of our new Portuguese friends. #portugal #quintadovesuvio #exodusaveirofest


The Panamint Mountains reflected in Badwater at Death Valley National Park, California. This image was shot years ago on Fuji Velvia. Right now aI am at the @ngexodusaveirofest in Aveiro, Portugal and have been neglecting my Instagram account. I will be posting a few images from Portugal in the days to come but thought I'd post an image here in the mean time. #badwater #panamintmountains #deathvalley #california


@danny_macaskill doing a tail whip on the USS Midway in San Diego - shot on assignment years ago on my first @redbull assignment. #dannymacaskill #redbull @nikonusa #nikon #ussmidway #ussmidwaymuseum #sandiego #california


Sea stacks as seen from Second Beach in Olympic National Park near La Push, Washington. This morning last month dawned clear, which is a small miracle for this time of year on the Olympic Peninsula. We also had the beach to ourselves, which was another amazing surprise. #olympicnationalpark #secondbeach @olympicnationalpark #lapush @hasselblad_official #hasselblad


A stormy day over the Patagonia Ice Cap just behind Cerro Fitz Roy on the border between Argentina and Chile. Technically this was shot from the Chilean hut on the ice cap. We took a day off here to let the weather pass by before continuing down the ice cap. #chile #argentina #patagoniaicecap #patagoniaicefield @nikonusa #nikon


A behind the scenes shot of yours truly photographing @seanmaccormac of the @redbullairforce in the drop plane earlier this year during the Red Bull Air Force team training camp. For this image I put a strobe outside the window of the plane to light up Sean. Swipe left to see the resulting image. #redbullairforce #skydiving #portraitsession #arizona @hasselblad_official #hasselblad @elinchrom_ltd #elinchromelb400


Dreaming of Patagonia and this range with Cerro Torre on the left and Fitz Roy (tallest peak) on the right looming above El Chalten, Argentina. This area has to be one of my favorite places on Earth. It is stunningly beautiful, and simultaneously harsh, scary and pretty miserable in rough weather. Gotta get back down there soon! #patagonia #cerrotorre #fitzroy #cerrofitzroy #elchalten #argentina #chile #patagoniaicecap


I am very excited to be join my peers in presenting at the National Geographic Exodus Aveiro Festival in Aveiro, Portugal here in a few weeks. Check out the @ngexodusaveirofest feed for links and information. I will be giving a presentation on my adventure sports photography and also giving a 3-hour MasterClass presentation and mini-workshop. There will also be a gallery presentation of my work at the festival. Super stoked to hang out with my fellow photographers as well including @amivitale @pedromcbride @jodymacdonaldphoto @elialocardi and @kpunkka among others. Hope to see you there! #exodusaveirofest #exodusaveirofest2017 #portugal #aveiro


The towers of Torres del Paine National Park glowing in the early morning sunlight above an alpine lake in Chilean Patagonia.
Tech Tip: I shot this image way back in 2008. Since then the software for working up raw images files has advanced massively. My old worked up file had way more contrast than the one you see here since it was worked up in the original version of Lightroom. Using the latest version of ACR in Lightroom (V4) I was able to re-work the image and pull out a lot more detail for a better final image. This is just one of many reasons I always shoot in raw. @adobe #lightroom #torresdelpaine #patagonia #chile @nikonusa #nikon