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Amazing working with Method Seven Sunglasses (@m7skyoptics) and the @patriotsjetteam this past weekend at the Yuma Air Show in Yuma, Arizona. These new sunglasses are incredibly good, and incorporate technology resurrected from World War II and perfected with modern research. Such a blast hanging out with ex-Thunderbird and Blue Angel pilots who are now the only civilian jet team of this caliber in the United States. I look forward to working with you gents again at some point here soon! In this image Scott "Intake" Kartvedt sits in jet 5 adjusting the controls before takeoff. Thanks for the hospitality. And thanks to Method Seven for making it all possible. #yuma #arizona #patriotsjetteam #yumaairshow #methodseven #fighterjets


@kai_lenny arcing across a massive wave at Peahi, aka JAWS, on the north shore of Maui. Note that the lower half of this wave is blocked by the wave in front of it. I was blasting away at 9 frames per second as we crested the wave you see in the foreground. #kailenny #peahi #jaws @nikonusa #nikon #nikonD850 #maui #bigwavesurfing


The view from Big Badlands Overlook in Badlands National Park near Wall, South Dakota.
#badlands #badlandsnationalpark #southdakota #bigbadlandsoverlook


@danny_macaskill taking a breather before a backflip trials riding session on our shoot in San Diego several years ago - #RitualsInSport @redbullphotography Share your #RitualsInSport - follow @thecreatorclass to learn more!


@dawnglanc ice climbing In the Ouray Ice Park in Ouray, Colorado. This shot was created for an upcoming @elinchrom_ltd Adventure School behind the scenes video segment. Stay tuned for that. To create this image we hoisted an Elinchrom ELB 1200 battery-powered strobe out over the gorge and I rappeled into the opposite side of the gorge with a @hasselblad_official H5D 50c WiFi medium format camera to capture this image. As usual, Dawn cruised the route easily. #ouray #ourayicepark #elinchrom #elinchromelb1200 #elinchromadventureschool #iceclimbing


Ever wonder what it is like photographing surfers on giant waves at Peahi, aka JAWS, on the north shore of Maui? This image, from a huge swell in January, gives you a good idea. You are rolling up and over the shoulder of every single wave all day. On a few sets everyone is scrambling to get out of the way and not get nailed by the incoming wave. On this swell, we caught air a few times busting over the top of the wave shoulder at full speed on the Jet ski. Looking at the back of the camera can also induce serious nausea on such choppy water. As they say, a little suffering is just part of the game. The images were worth it! #jaws #peahi #maui #hawaii #northshore #surfing #bigwavesurfing


Emanuele Tsikoudakis, an expert pilot, and Eric Thomson, Sergeant and Tactical Flight Officer for the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department and the Henry 1 helicopter search and rescue unit, getting their night vision equipment set up before taking off on a call in Santa Rosa, California. This image is a blast from the past - from an assignment for Men’s Fitness way back in 2008. We flew for three days straight from sun up to sun down. We even stopped for lunch landing the helicopter next to a restaurant! Good times with this stellar crew who are one of the top search and rescue teams in California, if not the entire USA. #henry1 #santarosa #searchandrescue #sonomacounty #california #nikon @nikonusa


Ancient rock art on the east side of the Sierras with the snow capped Sierra Nevada range in the background. I am not sure I could even find this place again and don’t really want to say exactly where this is to preserve it. It was shown to me by a fellow climber and I was blown away by the level of detail. #california #sierranevada #rockart


@benrueck working the moves on Homoculus (5.14a/b) at Rifle Mountain Park near Rifle, Colorado. @elinchrom_ltd #elinchromadventureschool #rifle #riflemountainpark @hasselblad_official #rockclimbing


@benrueck on Charleston Choss (5.13b) at Rifle Mountain Park near Rifle, Colorado. This image was created on a shoot for the @elinchrom_ltd Adventure School last summer. The Adventure School launched late last year and includes extensive behind the scenes videos showing exactly how this image and others were created. There are also other assignments and photo shoots on the Adventure School website making it a go to center for adventurous photographers interested in taking battery-powered strobes on location. For more on this shoot and to check out the behind the scenes videos click on the link in my bio or Google Elinchrom Adventure School - it is free, all you have to do to get access to the videos and content is enter your email address. @elinchrom_ltd #macgroup #elinchrom #riflemountainpark #rockclimbing #benrueck #hisync #elinchromelb1200


The west face of Cerro Torre out the front door of the tent on the Patagonia Ice Cap. This day lives on in my memory as a magical day “in the throne room of the mountain gods.” #chile #argentina #patagoniaicecap #patagoniaicefield #patagonia #cerrotorre #throneroom


Another empty wave image from Peahi, a.k.a. JAWS. I can’t seem to get enough of these wave shots. Frozen beauty! #emptywave #peahi #maui #jaws #nikon @nikonusa #bigwavesurfing