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A WILDLIFE:a visual biography of photographer michael nichols by Melissa Harris.


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Michael Nick Nichols

Just a few more hours left to purchase a signed print during
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Michael Nick Nichols

In honor of Earth Day, signed prints of Earth’s wildlife and wild places from @natgeocreative
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Michael Nick Nichols

I‘m pleased to announce that my photo of a Northern Spotted Owl is a part of the @natgeocreative ’s Flash Sale of collectible prints that capture wildlife and wild places from April 20th-28th. Visit the link in my profile to see all the signed prints on sale for $100.


Michael Nick Nichols

took me two days to post happy new year image .. reba and catmandude walking.. im lost but will soon be found


Michael Nick Nichols

once upon a time .....
william albert allard made this classic image on kodachrome 25 at dusk in basque country ... check out http://www.williamalbertallardflashsale.com/


Michael Nick Nichols

Jane Goodall and the chimpanzee Gregoire, Brazzaville Zoo, 1995
I grew up with Jane Goodall, Flo, Flint and Greybeard on the pages of National Geographic magazine in the 1960’s, and wildly came to photograph Fifi, Frodo, Freud and Jane in the 1990’s. Jane and I collaborated on the book Brutal Kinship, bringing to light the disappearing terrain chimpanzees relied on to live, and how we humans cruelly and without irony used our closest relative as stand in surrogates for space exploration, HIV and hepatitis research, language studies, and entertainment.
Jane, 83, is still at it traveling nonstop on her mission. She recently closed my exhibit WILD at the Philadelphia Museum of Art with a talk that brought me and the entire house to tears.
Opening in theaters today is a masterpiece film by Brett Morgen. JANE is an intense love story made from footage literally found in the NatGeo HQ basement from legendary Dutch filmmaker Hugo van Lawick, and includes a beautiful score by Philip Glass. This is far more revealing than any huge budget biopic could ever hope to match. #JANE


Michael Nick Nichols

i rarely leave sugarhollow but the new film #jane took me to LA for the premiere 15,000 strong at the hollywood bowl .. we photographers are light fingered with food and table (ie theft) settings at receptions left to right nat geo explorer @erikaberman @amytoensing @amivitale and hidden by the Jane pillow that we fought over is @gerdludwig


Michael Nick Nichols

Today is the last day of @natgeocreative’s Flash Sale of signed prints for only $100. My image of
Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park is in good company with stunning travel-
inspired images. Visit the link in my profile to see the full collection.


Michael Nick Nichols

My image of Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park is among the travel-inspired
signed prints available for $100 from Sept. 9th - Sept. 16th. Click on the link in my profile to see
all of the signed prints featured in @natgeocreative’s Flash Sale.


Michael Nick Nichols

11:40 centerline Andrews NC #greatamericaneclipse


Michael Nick Nichols

10:20 centerline of the #greatamericaneclipse Andrews NC


Michael Nick Nichols

Jane Goodall with Ben Franklin @philamuseum
WILD michael nichols .. from the age of enlightenment boy could we use some " light " these days @aperturefnd @natgeocreative #awildlifebook #MichaelNicholswild