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Shape of the day💁🏼‍♀️🥂
-Motivation or irritation? It’s all up to you🤔 How's your fitness journey going? Need help? No matter what goal you have, what experience you've got, how much time you have and if you have a gym to go to or not:
-Let me train you. Let's have fun! Together! Thousands of girls and guys have reach their goal by doing my workouts on the app FITPLAN📲
-Download NOW, start MONDAY: Yes... You got this!👏🏻🙏🏻👍🏻
Link in my bio (my website)


Michelle Lewin

You will see me A LOT wearing 👖 by @m.elle.store - Any objections?


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Excusez-moi @m.elle.store ❤️


Michelle Lewin

The last video EVER of my little angel "Michi" before I left to Paris for a few days😔
-Michi arrived just 7 hours after my "Micho" died 1,5 months back. When Micho passed away, Michi was allready on the way to me... What are the odds? She even smelled just like Micho. Just a coincidence? And, she even had the same behavior as Micho as a puppy. I miss you so much, I can't believe you had to go🙏🏻😞😞
-To all dog owners: When traveling, do NOT leave your dogs to friends or family that has no experience with dogs, even if they promise they will keep them safe. Unfortunately I fell for the pressure, and that cost the life of my sunshine. Maybe she was just a borrow from above, something sacred to help me get over the loss of Micho. If so, she did a fantastic job. Thank you Michi for your time with me, I loved every second of it❤️😞
-Rest in peace🙏🏻


Michelle Lewin

And the Monday starts like...
🤨🤔💁🏼‍♀️ (outfit @one0one_101🍷)


Michelle Lewin

From Paris with love❤️


Michelle Lewin

Shape of the day💁🏼‍♀️
Wearing @one0one_101 🍷
(actually, it’s the shape of yesterday... something was wierd with IG and FB yesterday... did you have the same problem?🤨)


Michelle Lewin

Women are now giving birth all over Venezuela in hospitals where there are no power, the back up batteries are long gone, no water, where the infection risk is overwhelming, medicine that needs to be in refrigerators are destroyed. The people of Venezuela are slowly but surely dying. The population of Venezuela have in ONE YEAR in average lost 24 lbs (11kg) of their body weight due to lack of food. The money (Venezuelan Bolivares) has lost it's value to the point that the toilet paper is worth more than the actual money paper bills. Much more.
The inflation rate is 10,000,000%. Too many zeros? Or just too unbelievable? Don't worry, I understand you: It has lost it's value with 10 MILLION percent. In a country that used to be the leading economy in South and Latin America:
-No power❌ No medicine ❌ No water ❌ No food ❌ No money ❌
And all of this suffering is spelled: “Greed”
-Nicolas Maduro, the dictator in Venezuela that illegaly calls himself president, is nothing but a mass murderer of his “own” people.


Michelle Lewin

Salut tout le monde,
Je serai à PARÍS la semaine prochaine avec @strongbyzumba pour le Salon Body Fitness.
Je suis super contente d’y participer pour la première fois !
Venez me rejoindre samedi pour un cours de #HIIT au poids de corps, où chaque mouvement est synchronisé avec une musique canon et originale.
Rendez-vous au stand Strong by Zumba®️ proche du podium central. J’y serai avec la team des formatrices France #StrongbyZumba @maevacoach @clotildemartin_
Passez nous voir !! @salon_body_fitness #FeelEveryBeat #LetItSyncIn #SBZ


Michelle Lewin

A normal family... in the sewer.
-He must be crazy, right? It might appear like it, but the father is 100% completely sane. When the desperation is taking over, decisions like these are made. This is not a low class family who are living on the street. It could be YOU and YOUR FAMILY. Just watch the video for just a few seconds, and think: Me. If that was ME.
-When a devil rules the country, then this is how a normal family keeps the hygiene. In the gutter. Why? The dictator that calls himself president in my native country Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, is a murderer.
A MASS MURDERER of normal people like you and me, if we lived in Venezuela. There are those known mass murderers that use chemical gas against their own people (Sarin, used by Bashar Al-Assad in Syria),there are those that use weapons(Hitler is just one example of many),and there are those who kill masses, in silence.
In a way to avoid any kind of evidence on the internet: turn off the power and the water. In the whole country.
The people will after a while drain their batteries, they cannot charge the portable battery either,anyone who has anything negative to report to the world cannot do so. The disconnection with Venezuela for the last few days is complete.
Right now there are millions in Venezuela with stories to tell like this family in the video, but they can't show it.
No electricity means destroyed medicins,hospitals not able to operate,women giving birth to children in complete darkness, elderly and children dying over overheating.A silent mass murder is going on right now as you read this. I wish I could ask you all to send food,but the trucks with aid is stopped by the border and are not allowed to enter,with the reason "it's the Americans transporting weapons".
Some trucks full of aid even got burnt down.
Nicolas Maduro is the new Hitler.
The death toll in Venezuela is closing in on how many jews Hitler gased to death during the 6 years of mass extinction.
"It's not possible",you say,"in these days of cell phone cameras and internet"
But no one knows, no one can’t possibly even think anyone can be that cruel and get away with it.
-But tragically enough, it’s a fact.


Michelle Lewin

Sting like a... what?
(Watch until the end)
-It's ab day, folks! Florida style I guess... How’s the weather where you are? Wearing a BRAND NEW outfit from @one0one_101 🔥
Music: @garethemery (Sansa)


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There’s always the other side.