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US Pole Dance Champion 💥
Membership Director, @norwoodclub💥
Owner, @elevateducation 💥
Instructor, @bodyandpole 💥
Curator, @thewallatbodyandpole 💥


Fly overnight to Paris. Fall asleep in hotel lobby. Drink many espressos. Put on some little and lacey things. Have @brunosegni beat your face. Meet @j.brown_photography and @dorisarnoldpoledancer in a hotel room and VOILA - feel faaabbbb! 📷 by @j.brown_photography #lace #gloves #legs #blonde #curves #Paris #photoshoot #pose #jetlag


I hope you enjoy this weird gif of me in my favorite class as much as I do. I don’t even know what this move is but I love doing it. 🤷🏼‍♀️ #HammockFluidity


1. Where the F is the warmth?!? 2. Can’t wait to go back West in September for the annual journey to @poleexpo. I’m teaching some NEW workshops! Info coming soon! 📷 @alloyimages


“Excuse my French. But I’m in France. I’m just sayin.” Feeling fab AF in the Napoléon III rooms at the @museelouvre today. So. Much. Bling. See stories for more Louvre art!


When in Paris ...


Preview of my photo shoot with the amazing @j.brown_photography in Paris. Celebrating another trip around the sun as moi and basically in my birthday suit - just how I likey. Celebrating myself always! Grateful for this life ❤️ Thanks @tutti484 for everythaaaang, @brunosegni for crushing my makeup and @dorisarnoldpoledancer for many years of such sexy friendship 😘


It’s a snow day so ... white dress window dancing seemed right ☃️❄️🌨️ #loopvideo #dance #danceeverywhere #dancealways #snowday #snowdance #windowdance #home #nyc #snow


Evrrry Monday tryin my darnest to make my heels dance more effortlessly-sexy-fluid like @carmineblackdance 😍 and less awkward-slightly-drunk-baby-giraffe. Thanks for class! #classpass #nyc #dance #poledance


Who is meeting me in Vegas this year for Pole Expo?! Sept 6-9! I will be teaching workshops! Get your Expo Pass and hotel room at the Hard Rock soon, as they are selling quickly. So many new activities are happening, with USPSF being there, breakfast inside the vendor arena, the Pole Classic and Pole Olympia and two new events - soon to be announced! http://PoleExpo.com @poleexpo @uspolesportsfederation #vegas #poleexpo


I'm a survivor
I'm not gonna give up
I'm not gonna stop
I'm gonna work harder
I'm a survivor
I'm gonna make it
I will survive
Keep on survivin' ❤️Favorite class! ❤️Thanks @sammykomarsh for a great class and for this action movie theme song Destinys Child realness vibe today. Not pictured: me getting really into the music and throwing myself all around that crash mat! #aerialhammock #hammock #hammockfluidity #aerial #aerialdance


After a sabbatical (bad idea. don’t do it!) I’m back on the regular schedule at @bodyandpole! Find me on Saturdays:
10-11:30 am: Intro to Pole
1:30-3:00 pm: Spinny Pole Level 2

So excite!

#poledance #beginnerpoledance #poledancelessons #poledanceclass #dance #nycdance #spinnypole


These. Women. Right. Here. 🙌🏽 I’ve been teaching pole for almost 10 years and leading teacher trainings for 7. Every training is unique and rewarding. There was something really really special about this weekend and the info, questions, answers, ideas, tears, laughs and work we all shared. I love all these women. They made me feel .... alive, happy and grateful. So thank YOU. And SO excited to welcome @jessijamzzz to the team!!! @elevateducation #getelevated #stanjamz


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