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fell in love with One Happy Island @arubatourism ❥ after spending the week in Aruba, here’s what I’ve discovered:
1. Buildings and designs across the island, including wall art are all very colorful
2. It’s sunny 300+ days in a year, and even when it’s hot, ocean breeze feels cool
3. It takes about 45 mins to drive across the island
4. There’s a huge mix of culture in Aruba, with over 75 nationalities
5. People are always friendly, happy, and they love being part of this - One Happy Island
6. My favorite beach has got to be Eagle Beach and Arashi Beach
7. There are many different types of cuisines to choose from
8. To my surprise, also many luxury brands for shopping
9. I definitely recommend this island for a mini getaway

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Good morning from Aruba ☼ I’ll definitely miss these morning strolls along Eagle Beach in front of @bucutitara

Eagle beach is the widest beach in Aruba known for its soft white sand. It’s also rated as one of the best beaches in the world. There are 4 species of sea turtles that nest on the island, and most of them are found on Eagle Beach! #OneHappyIsland #DiscoverAruba #Aruba



🌵matching with the 🌵
Did you know Aruba is filled with cactus?
@arubatourism #OneHappyIsland #DiscoverAruba

We rented a car and drove around the island today, mainly to chase after the sun 😉 It’s really quite interesting to see how the landscape changes in Aruba, we definitely weren’t expecting to see so much cactus and rocks formation leading to the beach. Don’t forget to check out my stories to see what we’ve been up to!

Thanks to all of you who’ve sent recommendations and restaurant guides on the Island! Keep them coming as I’ll be here for a few more days and would love to visit more places!



had so much fun hanging out with these beautiful flamingos at the Renaissance Private Island in Aruba ♡ I’m pretty sure they like me too! Love it when they synchronize and turn their heads 🙈 @arubatourism #OneHappyIsland #DiscoverAruba



Swipe to see Colorful Aruba🌈
Can you find me? 🙋🏻‍♀️ Besides beautiful beaches, you can find streets with Dutch architecture in the Capital city - Oranjestad. @arubatourism #OneHappyIsland #DiscoverAruba



arrived Aruba 🇦🇼 just in time for Sunset at the Renaissance Private Island ✔checking this off my bucket list! I have to admit I was pretty scared when I first saw them, worried that they might bite me by accident. At the end, I had so much fun - this definitely becomes one of my unforgettable experiences! Would you like to try?
@arubatourism @renaruba

I’m here this week with Aruba Tourism Board to explore this beautiful island! Stay tune😉 #DiscoverAruba #OneHappyIsland



Few random facts about me:
1. I’m from Los Angeles, but I also lived in Asia - Hong Kong for over 8 years.
2. I speak Chinese and I studied Media Art Design in college.
3. I only have clothes that are Black, Grey, White and Dark Blue colors until Instagram.
4. I enjoy driving, doing road trips, but I hate traffic.
5. I am a Harry Potter’s fan, and I’ve reread the book many times.
6. Places I want to visit before I turn 35: Antarctica, Tanzania, and Kenya.
Tell me something about you :)



waking up to a view like this ☾



Where are you from & where are you planning to visit on your next trip? I’m curious to know as I’m also planning trips for the rest of the year and wanted to get some inspirations from you all!
walking back to my villa after a morning of running around the beach :) besides all the amazing things that I’ve listed about living on an island - I love that I’m able to walk around barefoot, and no one will ever judge me 🙈

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Props to live on an island 🤔: no pollution, no traffic; I get summer all year long, ocean breeze, beautiful blues and fresh seafood. oh and if the WiFi is strong, I can still watch all my favorite shows. 😂🏝



the best way to explore Bora Bora ♥ found my favorite spot to see Mount Otemanu #momentslikethese

Bora Bora is quite a magical place, especially with all the amazing landscapes and lush. It’s definitely one of my favorite islands of all time! People often ask me if I prefer the Maldives or Tahiti, it’s a difficult question - its pretty much asking me if I like Apple or Orange. They are both incredible island destinations to relax and perfect for vacation. The main difference is however, there are landscapes in Tahiti, but often times I find more marine life in the Maldives. Personally I’m a more of a Maldives Addict, but I will never say NO to going back to Bora Bora 😂

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What I’ve came to realization this week: You can’t control everything in life. Sometimes you just need to relax and let faith work things out.
✦ Let go a little and let life happen ✧
sharing one of my favorite moments this Summer, taking a morning walk at Bora Bora :)