miel ✨💖💫@mielmonster

beauty sweetie love to see the feet baby please im kisses you


can’t spell “particular” without “art” !!! ha ha I’m ✨ extremely difficult ✨


ppl constantly ask me to post this cringey old vine hack for @ianedgerly honestly will probably delete soon like why did i change outfits?? to make the onion skinning more impressive i guess??? also why did i pretend to sing into the mic???? art works in mysterious ways am I right


there are days when i feel like an untalented no good sack of rotten beans but then i remember i can do this with my eye and then wouldn’t you know it? absolutely nothing changes xoxo gossip girl


am i utilizing this instagram opportunity correctly


is this art ? (feat chewed thumb)


if you aren’t into nightmare before christmas AND butts medically, STOP READING
select few: hello. here I am in oogie boogies sigmoid colon. hey listen while I got you here uhh you wanna hang out later maybe grab a slice idk honestly having a tough time finding folks with similar interests


i’ve almost reached my final form ➡️


may i present to you an old vine in which i make myself laugh too hard to finish my own joke thanks


i tweeted about an ex stealing my guacamole recipe and winning a contest with it. then ppl wanted my recipe. so i tweeted the recipe. now people are tweeting at me “that’s no recipe.”


i interviewed award winners and all i got was this bomb ass picture of myself


honestly thank god @anthonypadilla is disgustingly photogenic bc i like taking pictures a lot more than having mine taken


🌼 i’m only posting this to maintain an active instagram 🌼