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The small quiet fishing village of #loutro tucked away behind mountains on the island of #crete . It can only be reached by sea or a 1.5 hour hike. No roads leading to or from here, no cars, just a couple restaurants, homes and hotels. The conditions that morning made it illegal to boat there, so we hiked it, and fortunately it turned out to be on a cliff-side next to the Aegean see with incredible views at every turn, stopping at a few empty beaches along the way. #creteisland


The west coast of #zakynthos has some of the clearest and bluest water in the world. Some of it is left untouched by tourism due to the majority of the coastline having insanely high cliff drops to the ocean, which makes access to most of that water only by boat. And 99.9% of tourists only boat to Shipwreck (Navagio) beach. So if you have a rental car and explore the miles of coastline south of Shipwreck, you can find spots like this, where you don’t need a boat, and a short hike down a mountain leads to crystal clear water that you can enjoy with nobody else in sight


Swam to a tiny islet/rock off the coast of #ammoudibay with only a small church on it for some cliff jumping. Having that view of #santorini in the distance was a pretty sweet bonus




Explored the top of this mountain for a few hours with the bluest water I’ve ever seen below me. There’s no way down to the beach by foot or car due to the extreme cliff drops at every angle, so the next day I took a boat ride all along the coast of #zakynthos to it. #navagiobeach #shipwreckbeach


#oia #santorini


Burning like 5000 calories every day on these Greek islands non-stop hiking, swimming and cliff jumping. This hidden gem was tucked away from a side hike. It made for some unreal jumps. #ios


Moon jumps on #milos


Spent the whole day at this place they call #neverbay on #ios


Infinity caldera pool chillin at #kimavillasuites #oia #santorini


This place was so nice, I had to make another stop here before leaving Chania. A cliff divers paradise #seitanlimania


Island hopping in Greece for a few weeks. Hiked down to this awesome beach on the first day in #crete #balos