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Since 1977, artist #JamesTurrell has been working on an incredible project at Roden Crater in Arizona: transforming a volcanic crater into a place to contemplate light, time, and space.

He and his team have excavated tunnels and designed installations placed to perfectly view the movement of the Earth and stars. They're planning on completing it and opening to the public in 2024. @kaitlyn and I got a preview, and it was one of the most incredible places I have ever visited. We felt like we were on another planet, contemplating time on a much longer scale than our hectic daily lives. I can’t wait for what the future holds for the Crater.

Roden Crater

Mike Krieger

Hiking Angel's Landing in Zion was one of my top outdoor experiences ever. Incredible views and we were there just as people started leaving, meaning a pretty empty climb. Full credit to @kaitlyn for doing it 7.5 months pregnant 😍

Angels Landing - Zion National Park

Mike Krieger

Last few days of the year, getting some chilly beach walks in. Hope everyone's had a great holiday season — see you in 2019!

Stinson Beach, California

Mike Krieger

As I start this next chapter after Instagram, I couldn't imagine a better person to talk to than chef Ferran Adrià. He developed El Bullí into the best restaurant in the world before closing it in 2011, to rethink things from the ground up and reopen as a food lab and interdisciplinary research center. "We closed El Bullí to open El Bullí", says the sign right when you walk into the space where he and his team are working on their own next chapter. His interests run deep; we bounced between AI, prototyping, company culture, education, and transitions. @kaitlyn and I left inspired by his curiosity and open approach to cataloguing knowledge about the world, sharing it out through his "bullipedia" series.

El Bulli Labs

Mike Krieger

@kevin and I are pleased to announce that Adam Mosseri (@mosseri), our current Vice President of Product, will become the Head of Instagram starting today. We are thrilled to hand over the reins to a product leader with a strong design background and a focus on craft and simplicity — as well as a deep understanding of the importance of community. These are the values and principles that have been essential to us at Instagram since the day we started, and we're excited for Adam to carry them forward.

Adam began his career as a designer, managed his own design consultancy, and then joined the Facebook design team in 2008. Since he joined, he moved from design into product management, and spent time working on Mobile then News Feed and most recently, we recruited him to Instagram. In his role leading Instagram, Adam will oversee all functions of the business and will recruit a new executive team including a head of engineering, head of product and head of operations.
Since we announced our departure, many people have asked us what we hope for the future of Instagram. To us, the most important thing is keeping our community — all of you — front and center in all that Instagram does. We believe that Adam will hold true to these values and that Instagram will continue to thrive.

We remain excited for the future of Instagram and Facebook in the coming years as we transition from being leaders at Instagram to being just two users in a billion. We're confident that under Adam's leadership, Instagram will evolve and improve and we look forward to the future of the product and community.

Instagram SF

Mike Krieger

@kevin and I are grateful for the last eight years at Instagram and six years with the Facebook team. We’ve grown from 13 people on the team to over a thousand with offices around the world, all while building products used and loved by a community of over one billion. We’ve loved learning to scale a company and nurture an enormous global community. And we couldn’t have done it without our amazing Instagram team, and the support of @zuck, @sherylsandberg, @schrep, and @chriscox at Facebook—we've learned so much from all of you. Now, we’re ready for our next chapter.

We’re planning on taking some time off to explore our curiosity and creativity again. Building new things requires that we step back, understand what inspires us and match that with what the world needs; that’s what we plan to do.

We remain excited for the future of Instagram and Facebook in the coming years as we transition from leaders to just two users in a billion. Thank you for being part of Instagram’s community—it’s been, and will continue to be, an honor.

Instagram New York

Mike Krieger

Five years ago today, we introduced the ability to post videos on Instagram. Today, an exciting new chapter of video begins with IGTV, our new app for watching long-form, vertical video from your favorite Instagram creators. There’s a stand-alone app, and you’ll also be able to watch from within Instagram, so everyone can experience IGTV from the start. And by everyone I mean our community of over 1 billion 🎉

I’m so excited by what the team created, and big thanks to everyone who worked to make it happen — including these incredible creators who helped us launch! 📸 @ninja @laurdiy @brycexavier @kevin @mannymua733 @lelepons @ashleyyuki @katieaustin @susiemoww @laurengodwin
Update your app to watch IGTV now!

San Francisco, California

Mike Krieger

Happy Father's Day to my dad, who I just spent an amazing weekend with in Montreal for the Canadian GP. Thank you for shaping who I am today... and for getting me into ⚽️💻 and 🏎 from when I was little 😀

Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

Mike Krieger

Our events team at @instagram is amazing. To commemorate our new IGSF office, we put together a small dinner with engineering leaders from around the industry, and these were the name tags on the table.

Foreign Cinema

Mike Krieger

Yesterday we opened our new Instagram New York office! We have almost 300 employees in NYC and they have been building great products across the board, from Feed and Stories to Explore and Shopping. They're also the team responsible for making sure our apps are high quality and stable. It's really exciting to see the continued growth of the team, and the beautiful space they just moved into. I also sat down with @alexheath for a conversation on @cheddar

Instagram New York

Mike Krieger

We’ve opened a new Instagram office in San Francisco! Almost eight years ago, @kevin and I launched Instagram just down the road. I’ve always appreciated our San Francisco roots and I’m glad we’re back.

#sanfrancisco #IGSF

Instagram SF

Mike Krieger

Happy Mother's Day / Feliz Dia das Mães to all the moms out there, but most importantly mine :) Thank you for the support, wisdom, love, and patience (even when I went through bad hair phases like this one!) We love you!


Mike Krieger

Tonight, @kaitlyn and I attended the #metgala. It’s so inspiring to see the fashion community come together to celebrate art and creativity, and I love how Instagram continues to be a place for that art and creativity to thrive.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Mike Krieger

Today, Instagram announced a set of new products at the #f82018 conference, including integrations with other apps like @spotify, a new Camera Effects Platform so partners can make creative tools for their followers in Stories, a new video chat feature in Direct, a reimagined Explore experience, and a bullying comment filter to keep Instagram a safe and positive experience. Congrats to the teams for all the hard work that went into building these innovative experiences, and a special shout out to @ssarkar1, @tamar.shapiro, and @jsood for doing the keynote onstage today!


Mike Krieger

@kevin and I are excited to be part of #foundersforchange, expressing our commitment to building a diverse team and pushing for more inclusion in both the startup and investment communities. I was lucky enough that my first startup job was working at Meebo, co-founded by Elaine Wherry and Sandy Jen, two phenomenal women, and they've set an example I strive to continue to follow in building a diverse team and inclusive culture. Check out some of the other entrepreneurs who've signed on at foundersforchange.org.

Instagram HQ

Mike Krieger

In celebration of Black History Month, we brought together the legendary @dapperdanharlem and a group of next-gen creatives on Instagram to #CelebrateBlackCreatives. @dapperdanharlem spoke about his new atelier in Harlem and we heard all about how @quillemons explores black masculinity through portraiture, @africancreature is redefining inclusivity in the beauty industry and @wellreadblackgirl is creating awareness of Black literature & powerful women of the past and present. So great to see them building community around their art and empowering underrepresented voices. Thanks to all who joined us today!

New York, New York

Mike Krieger

Happy Valentine's Day to the incredible @kaitlyn, mother of Dragons...or at least our own Bernese Dragon Junaerys aka @junopup. Love you!

Point Reyes National Seashore

Mike Krieger

@kaitlyn and I dancing it up at the #instyleglobes party after the Golden Globes. The whole event was amazing but @Oprah absolutely stole the show.

The Beverly Hilton

Mike Krieger

We just wrapped up another great year at Instagram with our traditional end of year all hands, and these talented folks from our team were the presenters. The all hands is a chance to review the milestones and changes from the last year, and look forward to the exciting projects coming up. I couldn't be more excited about the year ahead.
What would you like to see from Instagram in 2018?

Instagram HQ

Mike Krieger

Starting today, you can follow hashtags on Instagram and discover more photos and videos around your interests, hobbies, passions and the communities you care about. In honor of @Junopup, I’m following #bernesemountaindog 🐾

Thanks to @kzk9sf for the Juno pic!


Mike Krieger

There are now more than 25M businesses on Instagram! Instagram leadership had the opportunity to visit one of those businesses this week, @Shinola. Touring their labs and meeting with their leadership team, we learned about the care and craft that goes into designing and building their products. Each product is assembled by hand on-site, many of them made up of dozens of pieces that are put together meticulously. I was inspired by the dedication of every technician to the quality of each individual product, and am excited to apply what I learned to how we build products at Instagram.

photo by @chenpamela


Mike Krieger

It’s crazy how fast time flies...today Instagram is turning 7. Here are a few pictures of me and @kevin in the early days of just trying to keep the site up and running. I couldn't have imagined the impact this community would have on my life. Thank you all for being part of the adventure and helping us to learn and explore through your experiences.

Dog Patch Labs

Mike Krieger

We’re celebrating a few milestones today: 800 million use Instagram every month, and 500 million every day. And another milestone I’m also excited about: 2 million businesses advertise on Instagram every month.

I’m excited about that last stat because it means a huge number of businesses—ranging from large to small—are reaching new customers and building relationships using Instagram. The one featured in this photo is Nama (@lojanama), a 3-D printing store in my hometown of São Paulo, Brazil, that makes accessories out of eco-friendly materials like sugarcane.
Joanna, who started Nama, says Instagram is “an easy way to share my art with a global audience and that's an amazing feeling, knowing these things you spend your time making end up in houses all over the world.”

São Paulo, Brazil

Mike Krieger

This past weekend was the 16th Worldwide Instameet (#WWIM16 💌), themed around #kindcomments. Instameets are one of my favorite IG traditions, since they bring together groups of people around a shared passion for self-expression and community. This photo by @charlesnayoan showcases the Instameet in Semarang, Indonesia.

Semarang, Indonesia

Mike Krieger

@junopup wishes you a happy National Dog Day!

Glen Canyon Park

Mike Krieger

Instagram New York turned 2 this week! We've grown our NYC presence from a tiny landing team to a thriving office of over 150 people.
Our teams here work on the core parts of our iOS and Android apps, solve some of the most interesting Machine Learning problems, and build products like Save and Shopping. And it's not just engineering; we have outreach, community, design, product, research, analytics, and more.
I've been coming out every two months or so, and on this week's visit, we threw a birthday party for the office. Here are some of the faces of Instagram New York—and here's to the next phase of growing in NYC!

Instagram New York

Mike Krieger

Instagram Stories turns 1 year old today! I've loved getting to know many of you better through your Stories. In just a year, 250 million people use Stories every day, and we've added new ways to express yourself through Boomerang, drawing tools, stickers, hashtags and mentions, and face filters.

Thanks to @100soft for the cerebration animation...can you spot @junopup playing an astronaut?

Instagram New York

Mike Krieger

I love the story behind Donuts Damari (@donutsdamari). The founders, Carolina and Mariana, started their company a year ago, and deliver their custom donuts all throughout my hometown of São Paulo, Brazil. They don't need a physical store—Instagram is their storefront.
It‘s profiles like theirs that make up our 15 million businesses on Instagram—sharing their stories and the personalities behind the scenes. Thanks to Carolina and Mariana, and business owners around the world, for sharing your passions and inspiration with us.

PS: I had a couple of the donuts last time I was in SP and they were delicious 😁 photo credit @donutsdamari

Donuts Damari

Mike Krieger

Had the honor of hosting reigning Formula 1 world champion @nicorosberg at Instagram yesterday. Nico's on a California tour of tech companies, including those working on autonomous vehicles and electric cars.

Nico told me he's inspired by the experimentation and iteration culture of Silicon Valley, where people are encouraged to try out ideas quickly and learn from failure. It's a bit different from the precision engineering that goes into an F1 car, with very little tolerance for things going wrong at over 300 km/h. But there are similarities too; he told me that @mercedesamgf1 has an all-hands debrief after each race, similar to our tradition of Friday Q&As, where our employees can ask me and @kevin anything that's on their minds. Thanks for stopping by Nico!

Instagram HQ

Mike Krieger

Today we said goodbye to our friend and teammate Joy-Vincent, who passed away this week.
We're heartbroken here at Instagram—Joy-Vincent embodied the kindness, positivity, and generosity that we all strive to bring to work every day. Over the past few days, we've been sharing our JV stories, and every single one mentions his ever-present smile and his incredible heart.

JV was one of the most talented designers I've ever worked with. His impact can be seen everywhere: in the design and details of our new campus, in our logo, throughout our app, and through the designers he mentored.

Most recently, I worked with JV on IG's drawing brushes. He made beautiful illustrations and designs, and then inspired me to build the best possible version of what we were trying to do. He had that effect on anyone he worked with—he made us all want to do better.

We'll miss you so much, JV. We'll do our best to carry on your work and your spirit.

Thanks to @miekd for the photo.

Instagram HQ