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Making waves 🌊


Year of the Dog 🐾


Pamper evening in full swing.. bubble bath running 🛁 candles lit 🕯️ leftover Valentine's chocolate pralines from @greenandblacks at the ready 🍫 what a treat! Win a box for you and a friend by tagging them in the comments below ✨ and make sure you're following me & @greenandblacks too! Ends 20/2 - good luck 🤞🏼 #greenandblacks #ad




Time for a little treat in the form of a @greenandblacks milk chocolate praline - making a quick tea break all the better! Are you team milk or dark chocolate? 🍫 Don't forget you can win a box to share with your special someone ✨ simply tag them below and make sure you're following both me & @greenandblacks. Ends 20/2 - good luck! #greenandblacks #ad


PANCAKE DAY 🥞 AKA one of the best days of the year - although I'm currently in the waiting room at the dentist 😷 and v. ready to lie through my teeth (lol) about my sugar intake..


Some things just work better in pairs ✨ we are loving the new @greenandblacks individually wrapped praline chocolates (milk for me, dark for him.. same goes for our coffee ☕️) with a whole hazelnut in the middle - so good, it's hard to stop at just one! Fancy winning a box of these for you & your Valentine? Tag them below 👇🏼 (make sure you're following me & @greenandblacks too)! Ends 20/2 - best of luck! 🍫 #greenandblacks #ad


Met Tommy Wiseau at the weekend (hands down one of the most surreal experiences I've ever had) and will be quoting this weird masterpiece for the foreseeable future #ididnothither #ohhimark #itsnottruedontevenask #twoisgreatbutthreeisacrowd #loveisblind #anywayhowsyoursexlife #hidoggy 🥄🥄🥄🏈🏈🏈

The Prince Charles Cinema

Remember when I said I wanted to post every day this year? That was funny 🌝👏🏼 v. excited for a fun-filled weekend! Hope yours is just as super ✨

Budapest, Hungary

Bliss! (lol not really I'm doing my taxes 🤷🏼‍♀️)


Not ready to get up juuust yet.. pls send coffee.. 💤


Weekend blooms to distract from the relentless rain ☔️ lots of errands ticked off today - now to put off going to the gym for as long as possible 😷

Columbia Road Flower Market