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"I Love not man less, but nature more" - Lord Byron ♻️🐾🐘


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Today we gave the Indian Museum a visit and well, a lot of relics and old bones and the rooms smelled like death... there was a 4000 year old mummy from Egypt, he looked like he smelled. After this scary event we went to “new market” and that was even scarier 😳 #goodday #india #kolkata

Indian Museum

Thank you @theellenshow ! Come on people, let’s hashtag the crap out of this! #repost! I’m determined to do something about this. Please repost it. Use #BeKindToElephants, and for everyone who does, we’ll make a donation to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. @DSWT **LINK IN BIO


Love food. Love it even more when it’s vegan. We had an amazing dinner tonight at Yauatcha. #India #dimsums #vegan #eathealthy #livehealthy


A day in Kolkata. We walked from city center up to Howrah bridge. On the way we walked through the flower market. We crossed the bridge twice and then went to a Birla temple and back to our hotel. 🌸🐾 #India #kolkata

Howrah Bridge

We are finally here and at our hotel! #cheers #india #kolkata #drbombay


A big Thank you to these two, takin such good care of us at the hotel! Great service and great laughs! Until next time 🙏❤️ #India #Hyderabad #radissonhyderabadhiteccity

Radisson Hyderabad Hitec City

För ett år sen träffade skribenten @underbaraclaras pappan Emanuel och hans son Malekano i Malawi. Malekano led av undernäring, och hans föräldrar var mycket oroade och förtvivlade över situationen.
Men tack vare stöd från givare fick Malekano påbörja en behandling mot undernäring genom UNICEF. Och idag mår han mycket bättre och växer som han ska! ❤️
Ge bort farsdagpresenter som räddar barns liv, så hjälper du fler pappor som Emanuel att ge sina barn den barndom de har rätt till. Länk till gåvoshopen hos @unicefsverige #farsdag #unicef #fathersday


When the cars and loud traffic disappear and greens, water and animals appear. Pure and beautiful #india #botanicalgarden #Hyderabad #garden #animals #thankful

Botanical Garden,Kondapur

Stay by the pool they said, don’t go out alone that said. 😅😱🛵🚙 #India #rushour #beepbeep #missopposite


Today I got lost but then I got it right again #blessed #India #Hyderabad #travel #jagochminrygga


Finally Friday before vaycay 🍾🐳 [take it of - the donnas]

Malmö, Sweden

For nearly a decade, global demand for ivory has fueled a poaching crisis in many African nations — decimating forest and bush elephants alike, leaving baby elephants without their mothers, and stripping local communities of desperately-needed tourism revenue. Meanwhile, militant groups and international criminal syndicates have profited from the ivory trade, creating regional instability and strife. An estimated 33,000 African elephants are killed every year for their tusks. | help me help elephants by donating. Link in bio. | #elephant #stopthetrade #stoppoaching #noivory #knotonmyplanet #istandwithmypack #africa #india #asian #trunklove ❤️🐘


If you have the ability to speak out against injustice, DO. #NeverBeSilent


One of my favorite songs when I was a child, and still is. It’s a Swedish song but for all my non Swedish speaking friends I found a English lyric. Bless our earth and all living. Children and animals. My heart breaks every day for them who cannot play and sing, learn or live like they should. My soul dies for all the beautiful animals who fall victims by the hands of evil humans. I wish I could save you all and have you in my house and backyard. I promise I’m working on it! I will always speak my mind, will always stand up for you without voice. I don’t care about what people may think. Love will win and love will conquer ❤️ Änglamark by Evert Taube - Call it the Angel ground
or Heaven on Earth if you please
the earth we inherited and the groves and greenery,
the wild roses and bluebells
and daisies and camomile,
let them be allowed to live, they are so lovely!
Let children dance like angels upon the green,
play hide and seek as the birch branches quiver.
Let the birds play and sing for us their song,
let all the fish swim and spawn in the river.
Save the forests and all creatures,
let the eagles soar, let the deer run free,
Let the last river roar in our natural world,
roar still among the mountains, and spruce and fir, 🙏🌾🕊️❤️🐘


Since Dame Daphne Sheldrick founded the DSWT 40 years ago, we have been able to rescue, raise, and reintegrate over 200 orphaned elephants back into the wild. Here, our very own matriarch stands with a few beneficiaries of our work. As Dame Daphne so perfectly puts it, what could be more special!

Supporters all over the world makes our lifesaving conservation work in Kenya possible. To donate, visit:

Video ©️ David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
#DSWT #elephants #whyilovekenya #kenya #africa #magicalkenya #savetheelephants #saynotopoaching #racingextinction #jointheherd #DSWTat40 #worthmorealive @dswt @dswtfosterparents @dswf_conservation


Do you love the rainforest so much that it makes you want to dance? 💚🌳 So do we!
Show us your moves: raise your hand 🙌🏾 sway your hips - and you’re doing the Congo Selfie Sway!
Post your own dance video with the hashtag #DanceForTheCongo
We’ll share the best dances with people all over the world… and Greenpeace Africa will take them to a big UN meeting in November.
#Congo #forest #rainforest #Africa #activism #dance #AfricanDance #selfie #video #cool #nature #beauty #wildlife #music #musicvideo #dancevideo #environment #green #greenpeace


Support girls around the world to realize their dreams. For more information and to make a donation go to: www.globalgoals.org/dayofthegirl 🙏🏾 💕 #freedom #beyonce #girls #equality #freedomforgirls


Support girls around the world to realize their dreams. For more information and to make a donation go to: www.globalgoals.org/dayofthegirl #girls #support #equality #children 💫💕


Weekend treat: 30% OFF everything (full-price and sale) online and in store 💥 The offer is valid until Sunday 15/10. Link in profile to shop at indiska.com. Use code: TREAT30 or visit my beautiful store at Södergatan 26 in Malmö 💜💫⭐️ #indiska #myindiska #bohemian #Marrakech @indiskaofficial

Malmö, Sweden