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Cute Girls Hairstyles

Today is this special boy’s birthday. He requested Six Flags and yellow cake with marshmallow frosting! He reminds us every day “there is no such thing as normal” and continues to amaze me with his coding skills. I’ve learned a lot of lessons from this dude and I’m a way better person because of him❤️


Cute Girls Hairstyles

Mazie (the last of our foster dogs) is heading to her new family today. I had to take one more selfie with her.
Also a quick reminder if you’re looking for a dog there are so many good shelters and rescue centers. @doodlerockrescue is just one that is taking in dogs from bad breeders. Mazie and Milo are just two of the many sweet puppies looking for homes!


Cute Girls Hairstyles

Y’all keep asking me about my easy loose curls in my hair so here’s the tutorial for ya! I use these hair curls as a base and can usually go 4-5 days between washes using different hairstyles and dry shampoo.
How many days do you go between washes?


Cute Girls Hairstyles

Braids created by flipping hair under is simple and some of my favorite👍🏼 Do you prefer regular French braids, Dutch braids, or flip under braids?


Cute Girls Hairstyles

Happy 4th of July! 🇺🇸🇺🇸
Y’all know this is my fav holiday of the year! I love the fireworks and the patriotism and all the red,white, and blue. Check out stories today to follow along on our day!

What fun things do you do on the 4th of July??? I used @kamrinoel “Beach”preset on this picture! #kamrinoelpresets Looks so cute right? They are on sale today! Link in bio


Cute Girls Hairstyles

Pool selfie! And I actually mean #selfie 🤣 See my stories to hear how I ended up alone by the pool when the plan was a #coolmom pool day🤷🏻‍♀️ Used @kamrinoel “beach” preset on this pic. Her presets are so good!!! You can find them at or link in bio👍🏼


Cute Girls Hairstyles

@kamrinoel has official launched her first presets!!! So exciting! Swipe right to see a few before/afters❤️❤️ link to buy in stories!


Cute Girls Hairstyles

Spent the day in #waco with @brooklynandbailey taking final measurements and dimensions to start the process of shopping for furniture👍🏼 The house is looking amazing and it’s going to be such a cute place to live for the next couple years❤️ Can you guess what color the couch is going to be?? Lol it’s gonna be fun!


Cute Girls Hairstyles

Fresh hair and a good eyelash day! Spending my birthday enjoying some relaxation, zero work, and eating all my fav foods! What do you guys love to do on your birthday?


Cute Girls Hairstyles

A few knots can take a basic ponytail to turn it into sham-WOW in two min flat👏🏻👍🏼 What’s your go to fast hairstyle?

#hairstyles #ponytail #hairstyle #updo


Cute Girls Hairstyles

Women are amazing creatures! We can work our butts off to make our businesses bigger, better, and stronger and then will turn right around and share our “secret sauce” to help build others. I’m so inspired by these women and their power. Their gift of sharing and their willingness to give. So grateful for the chance to come, work, laugh, and love with these ladies❤️


Cute Girls Hairstyles

Happy fathers day to the two best dads around! Your love, humor, and fun always keep us smiling (or at least rolling our eyes)❤️