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Imy mommy 9/11/14 😓🙏

So today's chronicles included doing some laundry. STORY OF MY LIFE! You can always catch me at the laundromat. I enjoy folding clothes. OK enough about laundry. #kyliejenner #kingkylie #BABYGIRL #mattelipstick


My ❤️ My fistula. I was told today im brave because I don't flinch when the needles go in. Mind you I do use lidocaine and I still see people flinch. At the end of the day pain is only a couple of seconds. If you think its going to hurt it will. This is the first year i haven't been afraid of needles and mind you I've been on dialysis since 2015. I would let people skip me, I would give others my chair. Since this process starting of canulating I would ask the nurses to hold my hands. My fistula is more than my life line its my baby. #mindoverbody #dialysis #fistula
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I joined the movement late people sorry. March was kidney month. Too early for tbt #letsgetloudforkidneys #dialysispatient #sayhitomyfistula


Happy st.Patricks day ☘️
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My earrings belong to mommy ❤️🍀
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Quick update. I just finished Zumba it was amazing people. I didn't break a sweat I couldn't keep up with everyone. My ❤️ wouldn't let me. I pushed myself, I wanted to cry at one point. I've never loved my fistula, I was scared to take off my sweater.
On another note people I didn't know I looked this small. I know I'm Minnie but omg. Jesse you are right I need to eat more and I will try. The Zumba instructor is so nice guys. P.S all I wanted for my birthday was to go to Zumba. I will tell you guys my wishes another time. Xoxo🎂


I keep getting told I look awesome. Im very thankful I push myself but sometimes I just can't. My kidney friends will understand. My body is wiped out. But I must remain POSITIVE that is the 🔑. #dialysislife #dialysisissues #thursday
#nationwomensday 💛


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Yummy in my tummy 🌭
When it's become the norm to ask for your food without salt. I miss salt. #kidneyissues
P.s jesse thought organic food was super expensive. $$$


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We took it back, way back. Happy birthday Kathy 😚😊🎂🎉🍰🎈❤️. So many memories, time to make more 😊. #happybirthday #livelaughlove #blendonthewater


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Quick update. I take for granted my life. I can walk, breathe, use the bathroom on my own.
Positive news: I can hear with my new hearing aids 🤗. #dialysis #saturday #dialysislife #lovelife




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So guys this picture was taken on thanksgiving.
Some of you guys/gals may understand. I feel like a pig. I am so bloated. Im a believer of mind over body. So maybe I think I'm swollen when I'm actually not. For those whom take dialysis comprehend, swelling sucks. I drank 2 bottles of water and I'm paranoid.
For those of who personally know me, know I'm not much of a cooker. I made my own food today. Yey! But my intestines are killing me. I can actually hear them growling. They are so mad I didn't eat grease or junk food. I am trying so hard to eat better, I watch what I eat. Everything has fluid ugh.
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