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It seems like only 1,825 days ago... Happy 5th anniversary, @jacmelchildren!


Every time I’m in Sydney I want to feel like I’m hallucinating without taking drugs, so I visit @mca_australia.


I've recently been taking rock star lessons from a real Rock God. (Am I doing this right, @robenedict?) http://bit.ly/RGRoadie_RBT


The end of a beautiful day in a beautiful city. #sydney #nationalselfieday #peoplewhopostselfiesareannoying


I'm calling as many people as I can who have registered for GISH. Sign up right now & I'll do my best to call you!


Hawaii. Terraforming. Nature is a mighty force.


On the @gish winners' trip in Hawaii, I stopped off with the Hawaii @us.nationalguard to see a river of lava. http://you.jointhehunt.com


In times of crisis, it's reassuring to see good people rise up to take care of each other. Thank you to the Hawaii @us.nationalguard for all your hard work helping the people of Hawaii affected by Kilauea's eruption.


Nothing says “relaxing holiday in paradise” like manual labor. We conquered Hawaiian yard work by cleaning up this pile of debris on a beach in Hawaii on the GISH winners’ trip!
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Imagine fleeing civil unrest or domestic violence, escaping with your kids to the "land of the free"... only to have them ripped from you, locked away in cages & kept on cold concrete floors with mylar sheets as their only warmth. Imagine how scared they might be, not knowing when-or if- you'd ever meet again.

What if it were your kids… or, as shown here, mine?


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