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Michaela Skovranova

Enjoying the incredible South African light πŸ’«For anyone interested in plastic free travel I have just added a few of my favourite items into my stories or under ”highlights - plastic free” I hope those little tips help. They are simple things that do not take up too much space and I believe in long term save us money, help our health and definitely our environment πŸ–€ @natgeoau @olympus_au #portrait #plasticfree #planetorplastic #nationalgeographic #africa #sunset thank you for the beautiful photo @the_wanderinglens


Michaela Skovranova

Just returned from exploring a different kind of world - the landscapes, wildlife and stories of South Africa. I feel beyond fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience and document this stunning part of the world. I cannot wait to share more πŸ–€Thank you @olympus_au and everyone who made this journey so special #olympusinspired #nature #landscape #southafrica #africa #omdem1markii


Michaela Skovranova

Scientist Emma Camp @emmafcamp from Furure Reefs Program collecting fragments from surviving corals at Opal Reef - this region suffered severe damage during the bleaching events. The team identified 12 species which survived and were suitable for transplants - they will return to the transplant site various times a year to monitor their progress πŸ–€ image from latest story for @natgeo. Follow the link in my bio to learn more πŸ’«
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Michaela Skovranova

Underwater cities #thegreatbarrierreef #australia #ocean #coral #olympusinspired Photograph from last years coral spawning project for @natgeo πŸ’™


Michaela Skovranova

A few months ago I got to join a team of scientists from @utsscience University of Technology Sydney Future Reefs Program and document a truly unique story for @natgeo - One of the first ever transplantation projects on the Great Barrier Reef. Personally, this project provided me with a startling insight into the harsh reality of climate change.
On November 28th a report released by the US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NAS) came to a conclusion that human intervention is needed to ensure the persistence of the world’s coral reefs - this also includes one of the most biodiverse places on this planet - The Great Barrier Reef. Follow the link in my bio to learn more.
Thank you so much to everyone who made this project a possibility, @jehanjillani for your guidance and the Future Reefs team for allowing me to document their incredible work.πŸ™ #climatechange #reef #thegreatbarrierreef #nature #australia #ocean #underwater #underwaterphotography #naturelovestories #olympusinspired #nationalgeographic


Michaela Skovranova

I often get asked if I am a good swimmer - in all honesty I spent most of my teens allergic to the ocean. Growing up my water experiences haven't been particularly positive, and it wasn't until 2008 when I decided to get certified as a scuba diver my interest ignited. I continually have to practice and train for my projects just like I do with photography - both above and below water. πŸ˜ŒπŸ’« The beautiful thing about being a human is that we have this incredible ability to continually learn new skills - no matter what our starting point is our minds are always able to squeeze in something new.
I have spent the last 4 days testing my squishy curious brain learning new things - some I hope I never have to use. I feel so fortunate I have been able to learn from so many passionate peolple 🧠🧠🧠 For anyone interested more about the training I have been doing head to *training highlights* on my Instagram and join one of my upcoming workshops πŸ’«πŸ’™ Next workshop runs in Melbourne December 1st - link in bio !

Thank you @underwaterlili for theunderwater skills , Thank you for the photos @angelgrimaldiphotography who was my training buddy for the stress & rescue workshop & thank you @iamlaurawells & Jesse from Safe Response for spending your Sunday teaching me how to assess and respond in stressful scenarios πŸ™Œ

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Michaela Skovranova

Sydney ocean looking wild and beautiful as ever πŸ’«#ocean #nature #sydney #naturelovestories #landscape #shotoniphonexr


Michaela Skovranova

Great Barrier Reef Rainbows πŸ’™πŸŒˆ


Michaela Skovranova

Everyone's creative process varies depending on the way we like to use our minds - for me mental and physical preparation is key. I need my equipment to feel like an extension of my body whenever I enter a new environment.
We may have a dream project that we might wait years and years to embark on, we may have a shot list in our mind of what we might like to achieve and daydream about beautiful days out in the wilderness - however when it comes to working with nature there are zero guarantees - from personal experience 9/10 times we will arrive to our dream location and there will be an seasonal wild weather system, the visibility will be -10 and we will somehow manage to grow a brand new ecosystem on our body courtesy of a wet wetsuit. So in summary - absolutely nothing will go to plan. 😁 However this is exactly when all the hard work and preparation will come to play πŸ™

A big part of my process is achieving a level of comfort in a new environment to allow for creativity to take place πŸ’«
Very excited about the next few weeks of teaching and learning 😌 Photographs by my wonderful friend @_isabelclaire
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