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Iza Calzado

Mama, 17 years ago I lost you. From that day on, I have felt your energy guiding me through life and helping me achieve the dreams you had for me and for yourself. I am now living the life you always wanted, Mama. How bittersweet that I have everything you always wanted for us but not have you by my side to share this with me. I see myself in you in this photo and when I look at myself sometimes, I see you. I sure got my pilya side from you. I hope you’re finally free from the pain and the sadness and just like the girl in this photo, truly happy. You will always be in my heart and in my mind. Love you.🌹


Iza Calzado

Happy Birthday, Benjamin! ❤️ I am so grateful that God made someone as amazing as you 37 years ago and even more thankful that he brought you into my life! I hope you feel loved each and everyday of your life. Can’t wait to spend forever with you! Love you! 💋💋


Iza Calzado

Celebrating life, love and friendships! @sweet.escape #izawannadancewithsomebali #thebodyloverevolution 💙


Iza Calzado

Has it really been 7 years since I felt your warm embrace, heard your infectious laugh, watched your stellar dance moves? It hurts so much to know that you’re not beside me especially because I am finally getting married, something you always wished for and wanted to witness. I miss you so much and all I want is to have you hug me like this again. Please do it in my dreams. Pero, ‘Tay, dreams lang ha, wag mo muna ako ipakuha kay God please baka masyado mo kasi damdamin na miss kita. Happy 7th in heaven, Dad. Love you! ❤️


Iza Calzado

All bodies are beach and bikini or swimsuit ready. 👙 I used to be so scared of going to the beach and being seen in a swimsuit because people might laugh at me or stare at me or secretly take my photo. This hindered me from enjoying so many beautiful and memorable experiences. It is a battle I often have to fight in my head but one that I am proud to keep winning with every beach trip. It was only in the last few years that I slowly started coming to terms with my body and not letting what other people say about it stop me from living my best life. We are all worthy of hitting the beach no matter our size or shape. Remember that. ❤️ #thebodyloverevolution @sweet.escape


Iza Calzado

Still not over Last week’s #izawannadancewithsomebali bachelorette ☀️ #thebodyloverevolution photos coming your way! 👙


Iza Calzado

Find your tribe and love them hard! 💖 Love my photos from @sweet.escape! Use my code “IZA” to get $50 OFF + 30 extra photos!


Iza Calzado

Much love and gratitude for my Bride Tribe for flying all the way to Bali for my Hen’s Party! Fun times being spoilt in the best villa in Bali @nokubeachhouse for our first day together! 📸@sweet.escape


Iza Calzado

Spent the past couple of days enjoying the company of my dear friends in Bali. Despite being sick as a dog, I enjoyed every single moment with my ladies. So grateful to have been given some time off to connect with nature and friends before the big day. 📸 by @anakarylle


Iza Calzado

Woke up in Paradise! ☀️ @airasiafilipino #airasiainbali #chasingwonders


Iza Calzado

Rajo, you are a genius! I can’t wait for you to make my most special dress! #rajoxxv ❤️