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Get a closer look to the Miu Miu lotus-heel sandals representing the 20s atmosphere of the #MiuMiuFW17 fashion show.
#MiuMiuFW17 Campaign by @alasdairmclellan
Styling: @kegrand
Art direction: @gb65


Let the good times roll!
#MiuMiuFW17 Campaign by @alasdairmclellan
Starring: @naomieharris @katemossagency@adwoaaboah #KesewaAboah@jean_campbell @ladyelizacummings@jasminendaniels @donniedarkeaux@lilynova97 @missyrayder @preshallband
Styling: @kegrand
Art direction: @gb65


Backstage at the #MiuMiuFW17 Fashion Show: python leather and crystals-embellishment define the new #MyMiu bag, the perfect choice to update any look.
📷 @carinbackoffphoto


@susiebubble on her favourite Miu Miu pieces... . “SS10, is the collection I would like to have gotten pieces from, the one with all the cats and the sparkles, the birds, the iconic Miu Miu prints. I have bought a few pieces from that collection subsequently. .
Normally when I’m in Tokyo I see Miu Miu pieces popping up in their second hand stores. Then, something I always pack is a Miu Miu coat from the SS16 collection. It’s a Prince of Wales check oversized coat and it’s my absolute favourite, I wear it all the time; whilst I'm travelling, during the daytime, over cocktail dresses at night, it's just a
really, really good coat.” #SusieBubble for #GirlinMiuMiu #MiuMIu ✒ @rhiannonwastell (part 9 of 9) 📷 @lindabrownlee


@susiebubble on her alternate career options… . “ I would really love to open a florist, café or bookstore. A combination of places that I normally like to hang out in, but a hybrid of all of them. I actually wouldn't mind a quieter life to be honest, just having a small business of my own. .
Pottering around in a shop or café would be really nice.” #SusieBubble for #GirlinMiuMiu #MiuMIu ✒ @rhiannonwastell (part 8 of 9) 📷 @lindabrownlee


@susiebubble on the Miu Miu woman… “There's just a fun and a frivolity to the Miu Miu woman, but with an intelligence to the frivolity.
She might be wearing cats and loud prints and be covered in faux fur, but I think there's a sort of tongue in cheek knowingness about all of that, and also an intelligence, a joie de vivre in her manner.
I wouldn't like to be too prescriptive because I know a lot of different women that wear Miu Miu in very different ways, we're not one and the same.” #SusieBubble for #GirlinMiuMiu #MiuMiu
✍ @rhiannonwastell (part 7 of 9)
📷 @lindabrownlee


@susiebubble on her #girlinmiumiu look…
“I chose a peach fuzzy coat with a faux fur collar and a feather trimmed slip dress. What I loved about the collection and what I generally like about Miu Miu is the sort of frivolity of it and the lightness, without the idea of it being throwaway.
This collection was really, really jolly, celebratory and kind of funny. There was a sense of humour in it that I really liked. Faux fur, feathers, pastels, PVC - a lot of elements that float my boat.”
#SusieBubble for #GirlinMiuMiu ✒ @rhiannonwastell 📷 @lindabrownlee



@susiebubble on her first Miu Miu experience… .
“The first Miu Miu thing I ever bought was a collaboration with @thepopmag, which was then edited by @kegrand. It was a pair of hot fuchsia pink platforms with black gemstones on the front. I saved up all of my waitressing money just to buy them on sale because I definitely couldn't afford them full price.
The first show I ever saw was SS11, the one with all the Art Nouveau flowers and stars. It was a really exciting show because the set was very unusual, it was all very dark with lots of corridors, really intriguing. I believe it was a night show so it made it more exciting.
Obviously, I idolised going to a Miu Miu show and back then - for me anyway - tickets were hard to come by, so it was super exciting!”
#SusieBubble for #GirlinMiuMiu #MiuMiu ✒ @rhiannonwastell (part 4 of 9) 📷@lindabrownlee


@susiebubble on her love for London…
“I'm a born and bred Londoner, it’s where I grew up, where my daughter was born. I don't see myself living anywhere else really. I grew up in Camden and went to school near Hampstead Heath so I have really fond memories of that area.
Hampstead Heath is probably honestly my favourite place in London, period. Now I live in a very diverse and slightly strange area of Seven Sisters.
My favourite thing about London is its unexpected mix of people and cultures, any area that has that is always good.” #SusieBubble for #girlinmiumiu #MiuMiu ✒ @rhiannonwastell (part 3 of 9) 📷@lindabrownlee


@susiebubble on motherhood…
“ Being a mother has changed everything in my life, in the best way possible. It's a challenge to carry on working as I do and also be a good mother. It felt like it was the right time to have her, now I'm just trying to make it work and enjoy motherhood and my work, incorporating the two together.
Nico is probably not going to be into fashion at all when she grows up but I will offer her everything that I have. She already has some wonderful things from the fashion industry - whether she appreciates it or not is another matter.”
#SusieBubble for #girlinmiumiu #MiuMiu ✒@rhiannonwastell (part 2 of 9) 📷 @lindabrownlee


@susiebubble on becoming a fashion blogger...
"I don't know what I would call myself today? A weird hybrid of writer and blogger. I am just navigating, using social media platforms, harnessing our present day modes of communication to talk about fashion. That’s why I started the blog in the first place.
I wanted to write about fashion in my own way. I've always kind of done what I wanted to do, talked about the designers I want to talk about, focusing on young talents, focusing on behind-the-scenes, creation, the craft of fashion, the culture of fashion.
All of those aspects still remain and they, for me, are still things that excite me.”
#SusieBubble for #GirlinMiuMiu #MiuMiu ✒@rhiannonwastell (part 1 of 9) 📷@lindabrownlee


#DearMiuMiu by @susiebubble 💌 her #GirlinMiuMiu series begins today.


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