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Throw-back Thursday to that time at the @nscaofficial coaches’ conference when I was totally “out angled” by my @sorinex brothers. 😆💪❤️
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“Do you still do ‘regular’ yoga?”
This question comes up often when discussing my work and how I train.
Although I never do an hour of yoga at a time anymore and I haven’t been to a yoga studio in years, yes, I still have a personal practice. Here’s a sped up look at the 15-minute practice I did last night after my lift. As you can see from this video, for the most part, the yoga I do personally does NOT consist of the yoga-inspired mobility exercises I use with pro athletes. (You can also see that @donovan.santas clearly is not impressed and never looks up from his phone the entire time😆)
Why wouldn’t I do this type of practice with athletes? Because the binding, arm balancing and extreme-range split and hip-opening moves are not the kind of positions you use to create an optimal range of motion for most sports. In fact, you could say that the more extreme postures of my own practice represent my own sport. I know the risks versus the rewards in getting into and holding those positions. I also know that those same risks versus rewards make those postures inappropriate for most of the pro athletes I train.
And that’s one of the big reasons I’m such a vocal opponent of the use of traditional styles of yoga in professional sports. For more on on this, google either of my related articles “The Five Most Common Errors Athletes Make with Yoga” on @ericcressey ’s blog or “The Five Biggest Mistakes Baseball Players Make with Yoga” on the Professional Baseball Strength Coaches Association website: baseballstrength.org


Gratitude is a game changer.
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Every one of my sessions—regardless of sport, athlete, goals—begins with two sets of 5 breaths in my breathing bridge exercise (or a bridge variation/modification, if necessary to accommodate individual limitations) working on establishing optimal breathing mechanics: ribcage position/mobilization, diaphragm function, core engagement, ribcage-pelvis alignment, and accessory/compensatory breathing muscle inhibition.
Here’s a look at @bluejays rehab players (@matt_dermody specifically) today finishing up bridge breathing to kick off our recovery/regen session.


Had a great time on @daytimetvshow this morning, shooting a segment on “Moving Through Back Pain” that’ll air this Wednesday on NBC at 10amEST in the Tampa area (the show is syndicated in 200+ markets across the U.S., so check local listings for time & channel—but I’ll also share a video link later in the week).
This was actually my 20TH time on the show with my Daytime TV family! Love you guys!!😍🤗
We’ve definitely covered a lot of topics over the years from our 1st spot: “Yoga for Klutzes” (that one was especially for @extrajerry 😎) to “Yoga for Your Golf Game,” (@therealcyndiedwards got a hole in one during that segment🔥), “Exercise with a Box” (@vincentjackson_83 guest-hosted & put Cyndi and I to shame with his plyo box jumps🙌), “Valentine’s Day Partner Yoga” (Jerry was my stand-in Valentine ❤️) and so much more. It’s been a blast! I’m so grateful for all the fun🙏. I look forward to 20 more segments….


If you haven’t already started taking real steps toward creating the career and life that you want, why not?
Even a small step is still ONE STEP FORWARD.
No excuses.
Start now.
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Some of our best conversations happen in between sets....
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...and then there was flying practice.😎
Do you love your training, like I do?😍💪
Are there parts of your training you can’t wait to do?
Do you relish the challenge of getting more out of your meat suit?
If not, why not?🤔
You’ve been blessed with an amazing vehicle to navigate your life. You have the opportunity to train it to do things that amaze and inspire you—to enable you to do more, live more and get more out of your life.
Why wouldn’t you be excited about that?!💯
Before letting yourself make excuses, please take a look at any adaptive athlete. Every meat suit is different. We all have challenges, and we are all capable of making the most of the hand we are dealt. You don’t have to turn upside down, lift weights or do yoga. Figure out what makes YOU feel stronger, happier and more capable in your body—and do it, regularly. 🙌❤️
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Here’s a look 👀 at the primary exercise in tonight’s #garagegym session. Did my best to channel my brother @realrudyreyes who introduced @donovan.santas & I to this & other cool @sorinex CMB exercises.🙌❤️
It was over 100 degrees🔥 today so I kept it fairly quick & simple:

Breathing & Mobility Warm Up
5 Rounds:
- 10 CMB Roll Up & Press
- 10 Pushups
Hip Mobility Work
Flying/Gravity Surfing Practice
Cool Down .
BTW, for those of you who’ve asked about ab training, these roll up & presses are the closest you’ll ever see me get to a sit up. 😜
No video sound because I don’t own the rights to “18 & Life” by Skid Row that was playing in the background. 🤘


YOU are what you THINK YOU ARE. 🤔
Do you train your inner dialogue for positivity and resilience?👍
Or does it run wild, mindlessly creating your perspective on life?👎
Our minds are wired to focus more on potential negative outcomes than positive ones to keep us safe from harm...however, the evolution of our brains has not caught up with the fact that we don’t live among saber tooth tigers any longer and, in fact, the ability to discern potential positive outcomes can actually lead us to otherwise unseen solutions and prevent us from conceding defeat too soon. And, overall, training our brains to focus more on positive self talk can fight depression, strengthen self confidence, increase compassion, boost mood and so much more.🧠🔥
When my newly designed website goes live, it will include easy-to-follow mindfulness meditation programs designed to train mental toughness. If you aren’t already signed up for my email list, go to MobilityMaker.com and sign up to get notified when the new site goes live.👊
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Honored to be presenting at the World Golf Fitness Summit (WGFS) this year—sharing why #breathingisasuperpower 👊🔥 when it comes to golf performance. Looking forward to hanging with and learning from my fellow TPI-certified coaches, trainers & golfers, especially my friends @jasonglasslab @trtalig @chweingroff @bmarcello13 @coach_ctaylor .
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‪2018 World Golf Fitness Summit speaker @MobilityMaker will be presenting on the impact that breathing can have on movement patterns and how it relates to your game.‬ More info on Dana’s presentation and the upcoming WGFS (October 12 - 14) on our site (link in @mytpi bio).