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Hey everyone! Sorry it’s been a while since I posted a breathing break. But here’s one reminding us of the importance of rib kinematics for better breathing and, consequently, better movement, posture and overall well being. Try it with me:
Take 3 breaths focused on rib movement:
Lower ribs move ⬅️out➡️ with inhale.
Lower ribs move ➡️in⬅️ with exhale.
Inhale through your nose to benefit from the nitroc oxide (vasodilator produced by paranasal sinuses).
Exhale out of your mouth or nose—whichever feels more comfortable for you and enables you to best control and elongate each exhalation.
Remember, money is in the exhale💲!!
Get ALL of the air out, using your core (namely obliques & TVA) to bring your ribs in, back and down. Although you’ll feel some serious activation in your core, conversely, you should feel upper traps, neck, shoulders and pecs relax. An optimally performed exhale creates the space (zone of apposition—known as the “ZOA” to my PRI friends) necessary for your diaphragm to dome and relax up inside your ribcage—priming it for the next inhale (so you don’t compensate by pulling with all those chronically overworked upper-body muscles we’re trying to inhibit).
Breathing is a super power💥. Use it to your advantage to enhance every aspect of your life from your mobility, strength and endurance to your mood, rest & recovery.
For more breathing mechanics exercises, check out my 30-day Breathe Better to Move Better program on @trainheroic http://bit.ly/MobilityMaker30
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Toronto Blue Jays Spring Training

I’ve already been blessed to receive amazing book reviews from both @coach_brettb and @brandonlilly3 —both of whom I’m honored to call friends.💛👊
BUT I’m so incredibly humbled to have received these messages from them regarding the impact my new book “Practical Solutions for Back Pain Relief” has had on THEIR PARENTS❤️❤️. How freaking cool is that?!💯
Thanks so much guys—definitely let Dad & Mom know I’m here to help any additional ways I can! XO
If you want to check out my book for yourself, your clients...or your Mom & Dad, you’ll find it on Amazon http://amzn.to/2GyysfD (live link in profile).
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So many knowledge bombs dropped by this incredible human...
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I’m a @perform_better centerfold again?!
That’s 3 years in a row—Ha! 😂😂😂
Seriously, I’m super stoked to be presenting at the Providence Summit this year June 28-July 1!!!
If you’ve attended one of my “Breathe Better to Move Better” seminars in the past, I’m happy to let you know that I’ve added some exciting new information, particularly relating to the how/why of optimal breathing mechanics’ ability to decrease back pain and increase hip mobility. And there’s at least one new related exercise added to the hands-on. I can’t wait to share this new info with you. If you’ve never attended my lectures or workshops—even better; I I can’t wait to introduce you to why breathing biomechanics training is a game changer!
And for those of you waiting on info for my new Breathe Better certification…my new website is launching by the end of the month with all the updated info (my complete 2018 calendar, certification info/dates, new programs, free resources, revamped mentorship program, etc.—everything will be up there).
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Here’s a peek inside the @bluejays cages at spring training today.
Every one of my sessions, whether in a group or one-on-one, whether I’m at the Blue Jays, the Magic, the WWE, etc., begins with two sets of my breathing bridge exercise (5 breaths each set) to train proper diaphragm function, work to restore/establish optimal ribcage position (and subsequently scap and t-spine position), mobilize ribs and t-spine, and inhibit overactive compensatory, accessory breathing muscles in the chest, shoulders, neck and upper back…among other things.
To learn more about how I train breathing, check out my 30-Day Breathe Better to Move Better Program on @trainheroic .
(Live link in profile)
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Toronto Blue Jays

This is the kind of total BS “information” about yoga’s usefulness that has turned me off to yoga over the past decade, leading me to move further and further from any kind of traditional practice, both personally and professionally.
Contrary to popular belief and most social media posts about yoga, it is NOT the panacea for everything!
Breathing better, moving better and moving more are all very good things that undeniably make us feel better. But, unfortunately, breathing and movement are not always taught correctly in yoga (most yoga teacher training courses lack adequate anatomy and biomechanics training, especially breathing biomechanics, so the majority of “certified” yoga teachers are woefully unqualified to be telling you how to move your body and definitely how those movements will impact your health). Only when taught responsibly and practiced well, can yoga definitely be good for you.
All of that said, let’s get back to this ridiculous graphic:
Does doing cat/cow, plank, downward dog, child’s pose, etc. actually detox you and boost your thyroid health? Seriously?? Uh…no. Not at all. Never. And anyone who makes those claims is, at best, an idiot, and, at worst, someone intentionally preying on vulnerable, desperate people to get them to believe they are some sort of guru.
Yoga can be good for you. Weight lifting can be good for you. Running can be good for you. Walking can be good for you. They aren’t magical cures for specific illnesses, but, when done responsibly and consistently, can lead to significant health & wellness benefits on individual levels—determined by individual goals and practices.
Enough with the yoga magic bullet bull$hit💩, please.
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I’m FINE!💯👍
However, this wasn’t how I originally planned to spend my Saturday, hanging out at the hospital.
I started the day, like any other in spring training, first at Phillies camp and then the Blue Jays. But I was having trouble ignoring a persistent stomach upset and nagging lower-right quadrant pain that started last night…so, after being looked at by one of the Phillies docs and then the Jays head AT/PT—and being lectured by everyone (including @donovan.santas ) to get a scan to rule out appendicitis, I ended up in this bed at Mease Countryside for a few hours.
Thankfully, I get to keep my appendix! 👏
It turned out to be a nasty kidney infection and what looks like a possible stone (fun!)—but, despite my love of bacon, cheese & meatballs, I don’t have enough body fat for an accurate CT scan reading to confirm it.
Thanks so much to my Phillies and Jays baseball families for looking out for me and making me go get checked out. I am terrified of hospitals, so it’s no easy task to convince me to go; this photo was taken to prove that I actually went😜. After a shot of Toradol, and now that I’m home, I’m feeling way better! As much as I hate taking meds and am definitely a proponent of natural remedies, I’m looking forward to the antibiotics to kick in. I very rarely ever get sick and can count on one hand the number of times I’ve taken antibiotics, so I’m grateful for their existence when I do need them.
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Mease Countryside Hospital

Happy National Meatball Day!😋😋😋
Who makes up these delicious “holidays?”
Please tell me there’s a bacon🥓 holiday since I already celebrate that one at least a couple times per week….😜
Because I LOVE meatballs and make them often in gigantic batches to freeze, I had to acknowledge this “holiday” by sharing my favorite meatball recipe💯🔥:
Wish I could share an exact recipe, but I never measure; it’s just a perfect, whimsical mixture of:
A few pounds of organic, grass-fed lean ground beef
1lb spicy italian sausage
2-3 organic eggs
1/4-1/2 cup organic low-fat milk
1/4-1/2 cup gluten-free bread crumbs (I use 4C brand)
1/2-cup or more grated fresh parmesan
Chopped fresh parsley, basil & oregano
Minced organic garlic
Dried Italian seasoning (gauge how much based on how much fresh herbs I use)
Ground Sage (1/4-1/2 tsp)
Red Pepper Flakes (to taste)
Sea Salt and Fresh Ground Pepper
Bake 20-25 minutes at 325 degrees, turning them 1-2xs during cooking to cook evenly and try to maintain shape.
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Wide-Angle Twisting Lunge is definitely a go-to multi-planar movement in most of my mobility warm ups as it gets into hips and t-spine—two primary areas you want to mobilize for any sport…and functional human movement, in general👍.
With the right cues, you can also address breathing mechanics/rib kinematics in t-spine rotation and glute firing in hip extension (leveraging reciprocal inhibition for hip flexor release).
By adding movement (e.g., straightening/bending back leg, coming in and out of shoulder/t-spine rotation, walking your lunges, etc.), you can make it more dynamic and bring in additional emphasis on stability, strengthening, and balance.
Photos: RiMo Photo
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