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Happy Founders’ Day to the lovely, Lovely, LOVELY Ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, INCorporated! May you all have a beautiful pink and green Day! 💚💕🐸 #moknowshair #DTmade #AKA #20pearls #alphakappaalpha
Sweatshirt: Soror @__jnatay



New year, new hair! 💁🏽‍♀️ Nothing like a change of shape to re-energize your healthy hair journey. (Isn’t she just gorgeous?!😍)
Products/tools: @aveda damage remedy shampoo + treatment + speed of light, @fhiheat salon pro 2000 + ceramic irons, @mizaniusa HD Shyne, @agadirint holding spray
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2018 had some great times, some bad, some beautiful moments and some sad, but I accept it all as a set-up for an even greater come up! Whenever I’ve felt down to nothing, God was up to something...blessing me with things I could’ve never thought to pray for. Over the last few years my life has evolved rapidly and drastically. Change is hard because it stretches you in ways that are uncomfortable. Growth often feels like stress and confusion, and opposition to it is rooted in fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of failure. Or even fear of success.
My prayer for 2019 is to be protected, guided, loved, and filled with my heart’s desires. To live life abundantly, without limits. To be grateful for opportunities and open to what God has for me and allows to move through me. I pray for strength to continuously seek joy. I pray that my own thoughts don’t drown out God’s voice. I pray for favor. And I pray for grace and mercy on the days when I don’t get it right. Thank you God for another year in your sight. Thank you Lord for all the things you are stirring up on my behalf, those seen and those yet to be discovered. In your mighty name, Amen. 💜 #newyearseve #moknowshair



Hello curls. 🙃



❤️ #moknowshair



I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas day! I know I’m excited to use this time off to unwind, release and simply relax. I originally came home with an agenda to do as much as possible...fulfill requests and such, but really, I just want to do whatever my mood says for a change, go where I wanna go, and not feel obligated to do anything more. When you work for yourself you ARE your business and sometimes it’s hard to get a vacation from it. The only thing on my agenda this week is me. ❤️ #MoKnowsHair #outofoffice #reclaimingmytime



Happy Sunday ... sending ❤️ to you all!



Ms. Jacqueline warms my heart every time she comes for an appointment! She’s one of God’s special people He sends to remind me of my purpose and why I press on even when I don’t think I have the strength. I am so grateful for her!
This is a two-strand twist-out done with a not yet released product (👀 coming 2019). Shampoo + stream/masque with @aveda dry remedy with a curly haircut to keep her beautiful grays hydrated and healthy. 💜 To all of my clients, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey! I’m excited to take a break for the holidays and come back ready for 2019! #moknowshair



The first time this beauty came to see me she had a LOT of heat damage, split ends, flaky scalp, build-up, excessive tangling and dryness, and a wash day routine that - for lack of a better way to describe it - was insane. All of the issues were symptoms of her routine adopted from falling down the hazardous hair rabbit hole on YouTube 🥴. I asked her to follow a simple care regimen of scalp treatment, shampoo, deep conditioning treatment, leave-in and a styling product. Now her curls are beginning to clump again, no more straight ends because she allowed me to cut them off, scalp flaking has almost completely stopped and on this cut, I only had to remove a 1/8 of an inch - the “trim” so many request, but often need much more cut! I placed her on a 10 week cut cycle until I see her hair is retaining moisture in a way that allows her ends to break less. It’s a process and her progress is great!
None of this would be so if she had not been willing to take accountability for the role she played in her hair issues. Everything is a choice. Choosing to implement care methods not based on the science of hair can lead you astray, and those “methods” you perceive to be working for others may not work for you. Of course, what you choose to do with your hair is your decision, but just know, natural hair care does not have to be difficult. Detangling should not be an Olympic event no matter what texture you have. Beautiful, healthy hair is attainable for ALL textures and curl patterns. Don’t let people tell you that because you have a certain curl pattern you need fifty-eleven wash day and daily steps. You don’t. Think logically, and pay attention to your hair instead of trying to achieve someone else’s. Stop looking for quick fixes and “miracles” and adopt a consistent regimen. Be patient, you’ve got this. ✊🏾💜 #MoKnowsHair
Products for wash-n-go: @mizaniusa scalp care pre-treatment, @aveda dry remedy shampoo and masque (steamed for 10 min), @camillerosenaturals curl milk and curl maker gel



‘Tis the season for a flawless blowout!

@ionathome 1V (jet black) + 20 vol, 1:1
Ion Color Defense shampoo, After Color Sealer and @aveda Damage Remedy treatment, steamed 7 min
Aveda Speed of Light spray, @denmanbrush paddle brush and @fhiheat salon pro 2000 blow dryer
Ion Magnesium flatiron (@sallybeauty) and @chihaircare silk infusion
2 hours

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I am loving the new @aveda Speed of Light Blow Dry Accelerator Spray! This beauty has lots of very dense, tight curls and the blow dry (with @fhiheat salon pro 2000) was super quick and left her hair soft, shiny and protected after flat ironing (with @ionathome magnesium flat iron). 🙌🏾 Just sharing because it’s blowout season and this result is legit! #moknowshair #avedaartist #aveda #blowout



🌊🌊🌊 Color: @ionathome 7A-7.1 30+40vol, 1:1.5 ratio, no heat/slow lift
Cut: wet/curly, even taper
Style: @nairobihair Foam
#moknowshair #thecutlife #hairmakeover