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Lifetouch has declared today is National School Picture Day! I love looking back at school pictures of both Justin and myself and the kids. It’s a fun way to see how much everyone has grown! (Also, how much do the boys look like Justin?!) @Lifetouch believes every picture tells a story and these memories should be shared with others. To celebrate, Lifetouch wants you to nominate a school to receive a complimentary digital picture on National School Picture Day, which will be accessible on Shutterfly website. Enter your school on 3 winning schools will be selected via random drawing. #ad #Lifetouch #NationalSchoolPictureDay


Jessica Shyba

I never know what to say on this day. 9/11/01 was years before I’d even visit NYC, let alone live there. Years before I’d have children or even for a split second understand remotely the gravity of how deeply the events of that day changed the world.

We watched the freedom tower rise from our living room window in our apartment building. My first friend in NYC, a momma like me, had lost her husband who worked in one of the towers. It was years still before I could tell my children the story, but I made sure to highlight the heroes of that day. I make sure to talk about how the lives of victims and first responders and their families were affected that day, and every day since. That it’s imperative, the choices we make, that every chance we get to support those who help others, we pay it forward.

These small connections weave a beautiful tapestry of gratitude and empathy and we won’t forget. We support the families of those in the military, of first responders, of strong voices that lift up those who sacrifice for others. We remember, in their honor.


Jessica Shyba

I feel like I should tell you that sweet, princess loving, low-risk taking Evangeline has an affinity for heavy metal. (This was discovered by accident, I’ll also have you know)


Jessica Shyba

This life's but a dream we're blessed to be livin’


Jessica Shyba

Thank you for seeing our Evvie and loving her so much! It’s weird to have an internet family, but really, really cool too! ❤️❤️❤️


Jessica Shyba

My boys never gave up their comforting evening bedtime routine of bathing, reading, and milk. These cute connoisseurs (plus Justin!) love Organic Valley’s new ULTRA milk. It has 50% less sugar and 50% more protein! Demi is still going strong as well, and she's the lucky one! Her brothers fight over who can read to her and help her with her milk.
I'm excited to introduce a new partnership we have with Organic Valley. We will be visiting their family farms and their toxic pesticide free, pastoral fields where all of their cows are grass fed. I am eager to learn more about this process and share as I go! #milkjustgotULTRA #organicvalley


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Evangeline is five! She put her shoes on the right feet this morning... I could cry. Yes, I think I will. ❤️🙏🏼🥰😭😭😭


Jessica Shyba

Seems so silly, but I have the hardest time with the 5th year milestone. I held on tight to our last moments of four this weekend. Tomorrow, we’ll sing and dance and celebrate her sweet, sensitive, gorgeous old soul. 💖


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He waits all week to go to the beach. He is the best boy when it comes to almost everything, including listening. Today, he wasn’t ready to go home.


Jessica Shyba

It’s been a week.

I’ve dropped 100 balls in 4 days and yelled at kids for bickering and leaving garbage around and not listening to reminders for homework or completing tasks. I’ve spent full days in and out of the kitchen and carpool lines, the soccer field and the market.

I have been too sick to exercise or remember to complete ALL OF THE FORMS.

I am showing up though. And even though I feel like I’m barely cutting it, I’m here. I’m wiping tears and reinforcing each emotional cliffhanger with strength and positivity. I might not be presentable at morning drop off or make it to your trunk show, but I’m ticking the most important boxes.

Grace for you and for me. It’s Friday, praise be.

#imapoet #rhymetime


Jessica Shyba

Any night that involves us on the couch with popcorn and a funny animal movie is a win across the board! The Secret Life of Pets 2 is adorable, we all loved it! You can find a copy in the collectible SteelBook packaging as well as a digital code for travel (huge bonus!) at @BestBuy! #SecretLifeofPets2 #ad


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Teletubbie sunshine babies


Jessica Shyba

We all have favorite characters, but Theo particularly gravitates to Max (with the voice of Patton Oswalt, who can blame him?). Movie nights are our favorite, and @BestBuy has a great selection for families. The Secret Life of Pets 2 is definitely one for our physical and digital collection, both of which come with purchase at @BestBuy! Save $5 when you buy The Secret Life of Pets 2 and a select Illumination title at Best Buy. Enter code PETSFAMILY5 at checkout. Visit to learn more. #SecretLifeofPets2 #ad


Jessica Shyba

I consistently ignore the First Rule of Parenthood: Expect nothing.

Their first official day of Pre-K & Preschool! The one I thought could handle it, didn’t. The one who I thought would fall apart had the best day ever.

I am forever a student in this pinball game of life 💁🏼‍♀️


Jessica Shyba

The family dynamic shifts a bit when everyone goes back to school, it’s definitely a good, but bittersweet change. This year our goal is to stay connected as a family by having as many (phone free!) family meals as possible. @LGUSA has already reached 2 million kids, and they will donate an additional $1 to their Experience Happiness partners for each post containing #Day1 and #LGoal hashtags. Post your first day! #Day1 #LGoals


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We’d be lost without you.
#nationaldogday #theoandbeau #rescue


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All Mondays should come with new shoes. #andsoitwas #andsoitshallbe


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One thing I've learned as they've gotten older is that no matter what is in their school lunch, the odds of them eating in favor over playing are often slim. So, we've turned to Second Lunch: The food they eat when they are run-down and famished after school.

While a few of us are still leaning toward the plant-based life, my boys, especially, are lovers of quick eats that they can prepare for themselves, and Nathan’s Famous Coney Island Pretzel and Bagel Dogs fall happily on that list. Made with 100% premium beef, this hot snack keeps the kids going until dinner time. We are all pretty thrilled when Jack can be in charge of preparing a hot snack for everyone to enjoy.
While hot dogs that my kids can prep on their own are a hack in itself, one thing I do to make sure they're eating is plate everything on a serving board so they can graze while they play. They go through loads of veggies this way, too! #SnackHacks #sponsored


Jessica Shyba

The downside to tomato season (just one!)


Jessica Shyba

It’s all I’ve ever wanted.
We danced to @officializhawaii at our wedding. Every time she hears this song she happy cries and it’s just enough to burst my whole heart)


Jessica Shyba

A loving and supportive partner is worth the weight of the world in diamonds and gold. The trickle down effect is real and it is glorious.

It’s taken us some time to practice and understand this. Jack and Zoe felt the stress of our early years; Dental school, suffocating loans, business building, work travel. It’s been a journey, but we are on the path.


Jessica Shyba

I know I posted this in my stories, but I’ve grown to love it enough to put in in my feed!

The amount of personal growth I’ve seen since I started exercising last year can’t be quantified. I’ve hit plenty of speed bumps and twice as many milestones. I feel strong in my mind and strong in my body, but the biggest change has been in the between time... Waking up, fixing lunches, changing diapers, breaking up sib squabbles, cleaning messes. Feeling good most of the time, instead of frayed at the seams.

Recognizing that the choice to take care of myself first has made me a better person, and most importantly a better mother.

I might not continue to compete in races, but I quite like the (im)permanent mark it has left on me, and my family.


Jessica Shyba

Thirteen years married! What a glorious trip this life is. #teamshyba #itsacelebration


Jessica Shyba

Dear Summer of ‘19,

I’d like my toddler back.

Please and thank you.


Jessica Shyba

Pretty handy having a dentist in the family! I've had sensitive teeth for as long as I can remember, but only recently did I understand that it can be treated.

I was somewhat relieved to hear that over 50% of Americans suffer from tooth sensitivity while 80% of sensitivity starts at the gum line.

As Dr. Shyba often attests: the preventative measure is a winner: @Crest Gum and Sensitivity kills plaque bacteria that can lead to gingivitis, leaving you with clinically proven healthier gums.

Right now and Throughout the month of August at @Walgreens, spend $10, Get 5,000 points ($5 in rewards) - premium pastes only #CrestSmiles, #SoLongSensitiveTeeth, #NoMoreMissingOut, #Walgreens #sponsored


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I love this photo.

I love it because I’m wearing clothes that I grabbed off the floor of my closet and dripped coffee on during carpool.

I love this picture the most though, because Evvie stopped in her tracks on the way to Beau’s classroom and demanded my phone to capture this moment.

We are seen, my parent friends... by the only eyes on earth that matter. 💖💖💖


Jessica Shyba

Shyba Kids 2019! Preschool, Pre-K, Second, Sixth, SEVENTH OMG 😳😮😱😩😭🙏🏼❤️💖😊😍


Jessica Shyba

You know you’re a Virgo when... You need to be reminded that not everyone loves to organize your panties when they come over to play. #playdateswithevvie #virgoseason


Jessica Shyba

I began this wellness journey to calm my mind, and somehow along the way showed myself that I can do anything.

The best part of my day is the third slide, when I’d found out I placed well in my age category 💖



Jessica Shyba

At the close of each summer vacation, I mourn the loss of the long days a little more. I miss them a little more. I loathe the daily hustle a little more. Still eager to watch them blossom, still want to hold on tight a little longer.