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constantly creating 🌱 Nap time with #TheoandBeau 2015 + Bathtime with Theo and Beau 2016 ✉️

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Live events are more than a little meaningful and influential on our lives. I teamed up with #Minimaster on @Ticketmaster and @NestlePureLIfe to share how concerts and shows inspired our Halloween party this year. More tips and tricks on the Minimaster blog, link in profile! #sponsored


sweet hearts + sweet dreams #socozywithjosie


Oh you fancy, huh?


Searching for the perfect spot (I thought for sure they’d wake, and then ✨) #socozywithjosie


Every moment with her is magic. #really


Bless the person that invented trampolines. Signed, Mother of five 😅


Evangeline: Sass Wielder, Fear Conqueror


Being deliberate about spending time with each child is a priority for us as a big family. We had a special opportunity to team up with #Minimaster on @Ticketmaster presented by @NestlePureLifeUSA to share how we've taken Jack and Zoe to their first concert and other live events. Check out for more content from me and great suggestions for family-friendly events! (link in bio) #sponsored


Whatever brings you peace, find it and embrace it. The world needs more right now. #socozywithjosie #rescue


Shybaland: Our very own Funny Farm.


Everyone needs this kind of friend. #socozywithjosie


My children are getting progressively more opinionated

Rodoni Farms- Organic Pumpkins & Produce

She is kind, she is strong, she is determined. Zoe is a compassionate and loving guide for her siblings both older & younger-I could not be more proud of her. She is also the driving force behind all of our adoptive fur babes! #internationaldayofthegirl #thefutureisfemale


Zoe is so much fun to bake with, so I look for every excuse to do so! We partnered with @CountryCrock to put together a care package of oatmeal applesauce cookies made with their new Buttery Sticks (no softening time needed!) for some friends with food sensitivities. Win/win!