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"the fire within" Carnelian supports strength, vitality and sexuality. It also protects from negative energy and replaces it with positive. This powerful stone increases stamina and self confidence where we are supported in overcoming hesitation and are supported in decision-making. It's from this clear and transparent state that we will create our best work! @moodist_scandinavia @aarhusfestuge @hotyogadenmark @aumrudrakshadesigns @blissmalajewels


"the beauty within" this beautiful howlite mala is helpful in the releasing of attachments or links to pain from this or past lives. Once we create open space from the old emotional attachments, peace enters these areas. This is the stone of awareness, it decreases an overly critical mind and brings cal , peace and relaxation to the wearer! @moodist_scandinavia @accessoriesyoga @scandinavianfasion @yogacollectiveaarhus @mind.fullness #gratitude


Jasper is known to combat exhaustion and fatigue. Stimulate the wearer's sexuality, align all the chakra's and balance the Ying/Yang energies. It's stabilizing and healing as well as grounding.
For those that need more energy and vitality this necklace will work wonders and give you energy for days.
Go to the link in the bio and order yours now.
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Our lovely earth elements of the smokey quartz mala enhances practicality and organistion. Grounding us so we can fully function and reach our potential whilst offering protection from negative energy in our environment. The stone is very comforting and calming and can be considered a stone of serenity. It's also the best stone available to get rid of a bad mood! Success guaranteed;-) @moodist_scandinavia @aarhus @gratitude @goodmoods


The athlete Mala, a collection of stones that will add to the regeneration of your body and enhance your analytical abilities. Combat exhaustion and fatigue both mental and physical. Perfect for those that sport on high levels or want to. A mala that will help you grow as an athlete and a person. Now available via the website and at wonderwho in Aarhus. @moodist_scandinavia @weheartaarhus @aumrudrakshadesigns @wonderwhomadeinaarhus @yoga @


Scandinavian influencers, we are looking for you! Colab with us and let us design and make you a mala necklace and bracelet that will make your stars shine brighter! For info mail us!


A new step every day, slowly but surely we will setup and start. #moodist #aumrudrakshadesigns #fashionscandinavia #yogadenmark #biojewelry #aarhus