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Ice Climbing | Photograph by Mathis Dumas (@mathis_dumas)
“Jeff Mercier climbs inside an ephemeral cave of the Mer de Glace,” writes #YourShotPhotographer Mathis Dumas. “An amazing experience, really steep climbing, and unreal difficulty.” Mer de Glace is a glacier valley located in the French Alps, and is the longest and largest glacier in France.

“The shape of this moulin is delightful. What a perfect location for a little adventure. I love how you have composed and structured your photograph Jeff. Most of the time, I’ve found when looking up at a climber, they can look a bit uninspiring and even offensive. Not here! This is great frame. The posture of your climber is excellent. Really cool. Very dynamic. Great frame and superb choice for this assignment: “Wow! What an Adventure!” — @natgeo photographer Robbie Shone (@shonephoto)
This photo was submitted to our new assignment, “Wow! What an Adventure,” curated by Nat Geo photographer Robbie Shone. To share your adventure with him, go to the link in our profile.


Photo by @kirstenluce // Captured #withgalaxy S8, produced with @samsungmobileusa // Sandra Garcia, a filmmaker originally from Mexico City and now living in Los Angeles, takes a dip in the pool in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. Cabo is best known as a tourist resort town, where most residents are involved in the hospitality industry in one way or another. A few friends and I were lucky enough to line up assignments in this beautiful part of the world. Most of us travel frequently between the US and Mexico but it's rare to all be in the same place at the same time.

Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur

Video by @ChristineEckstrom and @FransLanting Experienced cheetah moms, like all good mothers, are both vigilant and tolerant. Watch how this mother puts up with the antics of her cubs until they wear themselves out and suckle and go to sleep. What you don’t see here is how this mother is constantly scanning the horizon for signs of trouble. The fate of cheetahs as a species depends on the ability of a small number of exceptional females to nurture cubs to independence and to keep them safe while doing so. We call them “supermoms.” And any mother who is juggling child care with earning a living and other responsibilities, can relate to that. We are posting this clip in recognition of NatGeo’s BigCat Week. Tune in to NG Channel’s cheetah film by Bob Poole tonight. Follow me @FransLanting for more stories from the wild world of cheetahs.

@thephotosociety #cheetahs #wildlife #motherhood #family #joy #play


Photo by @nornea
Starting today, we’re introducing new ways for you to stay connected to your interests on Instagram, with the ability to follow hashtags like #equestrian.
For 19-year-old Menea Johansson Djärv (@nornea), dressing up means felt hats, capes and a unicorn horn for her beloved pony Norina 🦄. As a child growing up in Sweden, she was inspired by vivid fairy tales and medieval markets. “It was beyond exciting to see adults dress up and pretend they lived in a different time,” she says. Now, cloaked in nature, Menea creates her own #equestrian daydreams that reflect a real-life kinship with her creatures. “I want [my horses] to see me as a best friend they can trust and respect, just like I do with them. Most photo shoots are spontaneous. The most challenging part is to focus on the horses and the camera at the same time. The most fun part is to feel adventurous and invincible.”


Hello Egypt - you’ve already exceeded my expectations in so many ways ✨🔼✨ // a great thanks to @amchamegypt for inviting me to experience the magic of this special place

The Pyramids Egypt

#Repost @alexlin_photography
Photograph by AlexLin

2017 Christmasland in New Taipei City 🎄

看到好多人都在拍 我也來跟風
今年終於有辦法拍了 覺得感動
下了場大雨 讓腳架們都離開了
祝大家 行憲紀念日(?快樂

#新北市政府 #新北市歡樂耶誕城 #聖誕樹 #光雕 #NewTaipei #歡樂耶誕城 #聖誕節 #christmas #view_taiwan #amazingtaiwan #taiwan1 #taipei #Taiwan #amazing_taipei #photography #canon #canon5d4 #sigma #攝影師AlexLin


#MorganFreeman vuelve a la pantalla de National Geographic, en esta oportunidad, para contarte TU historia. Muy pronto, #TheStoryOfUs.


Photo by @ljohnphoto: Christian worshippers gather in a pastor's home in Orissa, India. #religion #culture #india


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