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And don’t forget that. #CleanDreamActNow @patrick_martinez_studio


The FCC is scheduled to vote today on the future of #netneutrality. They need to delay the vote immediately.
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My office has now identified 2 million fake comments on net neutrality that were submitted to the Federal Communications Commission using the stolen identities of Americans across the country. You could be one of them. Check at the link in [his] bio, and then call Congress. We need to demand a delay until we can get to the bottom of this massive fraud. #SaveTheInternet #DelayTheVote #BreakTheInternet

Federal Communications Commission

Thank you to the 98% of Black women who voted in the Alabama Senate race for Doug Jones. You are leading the resistance. w/ @k_jeanpierre #DougJones #Alabama #RoyMoore #BlackWomen #Resist #ResistTrump


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🚨🚨BREAKING 🚨🚨Tonight, voters in Alabama delivered a clear message to Republicans across the country: your days in power are numbered. #DougJones #RoyMoore #Alabama #Election #Resist #ResistTrump


Will you pay more under the GOP tax plan?
Watch to find out - and if you don't like the answer call Congress before it's too late: (877) 650-0039 #GOPTaxScam #Resist #ResistTrump


@repjohnlewis’s trust in Doug Jones runs deep and for good reason. Alabamians, vote @dougjonesforsenate December 12. #RepJohnLewis #DougJones #Alabama #RoyMoore #Vote #Resist #ResistTrump


Word of advice: Do not mess with Appalachian great-grandmothers. Listen to her fierce speech, and then tell Congress not to pass the #GOPTaxScam: (877) 750-0039 #Resist #ResistTrump


Thousands are at the Capitol right now calling on Congress to pass a #CleanDreamAct before Christmas. We are standing with them. #DreamActNow #DefendDACA #Resist

United States Capitol

“Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breath free." The story of the Dreamer is as American as the Statue of Liberty. #DreamActNow #Resist #ResistTrump #DACA #Liberty #StatueofLiberty


Thank you to @berniesanders, @ninaturnerohio, MoveOn’s @christopher_percy and everyone else who spoke and came out to our Protecting Working Families rallies with #NotOnePenny this weekend. From Louisville KY to Dayton OH to Akron OH, and finally Reading PA, we made it clear that we are standing strong against the horrific GOP tax plan. Thank you. Keep fighting. #BernieSanders #TaxScam #GOPTaxScam #Resist #ResistTrump


Anna Galland, executive director of Civic Action, on the passage of the Senate tax bill: “In the dead of the night, Senate Republicans voted to raise taxes on middle-class families, repeal vital pieces of the Affordable Care Act, lay the groundwork for cuts to Social Security and Medicare, and give a massive payout to corporations and billionaires, including the Trump family and major GOP donors. And they did this without even having time to read the 437-page bill. This is a shameful and dangerous mix of corruption, greed, and incompetence. “But this is not the end of the fight.  Middle and working class constituents across the country are about to flood the House with a massive outcry of phone calls, actions, and public pressure to let Republican representatives know that they still have a choice between supporting their constituents or caving to their billionaire donors. We will do all we can to defeat this terrible bill in either the House or in conference committee. “Regardless of whether this bill ever becomes law, Republican senators who voted for it have already betrayed their constituents—nearly 80 percent of Americans will see no tax cuts, or in fact, tax increases—and this bill will be part of the GOP’s undoing. There will be accountability at the ballot box.”
#GOPTaxScam #TaxScam #Resist #ResistTrump