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What? Don't act like you've never farted during downward dog πŸ’¨ #Doga



Wow, can you believe this.. This is the 2nd time in a week Karen and Dave ordered pizza and didn't invite us over 😀 #HowRude #PeopleWatching



Where the f%*k is Spring 😣 #SeriouslyTho



I never eat breakfast alone 🍳 #FurrFam #MorningRoutine #WHPwildthing



When you stop eating carbs and everything starts to look like a loaf of bread πŸ˜‹


I farted.. And that's about as close to me giving a πŸ’© as you're going to get right now.. Unless you go get me coffee. #KBye



Go orange! April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month. Please lend your voice to the cause and win prizes! β₯ To participate: β—‹ Like this post β—‹ Tag many friends. β₯

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Make sure to keep your ears clean πŸ˜›

These boyssss 😍😭 I can't get over the love they have for eachother - it's hard to get anything done at home because everytime I look they are doing something adorable.. I guess that's why my computer + phone are full of them - do your pets clean eachother?


Just close the drawer and pretend you never saw me 😐 #HidingFromMonday



We don't think we look good, we know we look good πŸ˜‰ #ConfidenceIsKey


Ft. @siberian.ares


Sometimes boredom leads us on our best adventures 🌲

Yesterday was my first day off in a couple weeks and I had planned to take these 2 on a hike but wasn't feelin it. After a few hours of sitting around doing nothing with the pets I dragged myself up and went out to our fav hiking spot. It was chilly, the dogs got really muddy, it snowed, parts of the paths were blocked and we had to adventure off the path to find our way - but I loved every minute of it πŸ’› #WHPimbored


How do I get such a nice butt?.. I don't skip leg day πŸ‘ #StairsAllDay


Ahhh! I am happy! Marcel used to fly off the couch and I was so worried he'd hurt his back + leggies. I wasn't sure he'd use the stairs but with a tiny bit of training, he is going up and down them like the little boss he is πŸ”₯ thank you @dearmint_pet_supplies πŸ’›


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