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📍New Hampshire, USA
Founder: @ingenioustones
Personal: @petersen.brandon
🐾: @ben_the_bernedoodle
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My first Mw shot of 2018. A quick 10 min edit and a shitty crop, but I enjoyed getting back out there to shoot. I’m looking forward to getting back out in a few weeks for June’s New Moon and continuing shots with some travel upcoming
📷: @sonyalpha A7riii w/ 16-35 g master. Single exposure.


Happy Mother’s Day to this beauty! Hope you have a wonderful day ❤️


Happy Friday! Something special about the morning light rising in Lofoten.


Tis the season 🌌. Nothing like sleeping on a cliff, overlooking the town below; with these views 😍


Every night, for a week straight; she danced.


Let’s try this again ... cooling up the feed with a shot overlooking Husøy. This storm was amazing and presented itself in many ways throughout the drive from Senja. Here’s another visit this summer for the midnight sun 🙌🏻


Sunday feels. What a weekend! Full moon has passed but the new Moon is just around the corner. Hopefully catch some 🌌 viewings this month. .
📸: @sonyalpha a6500 with 70-200 + extender. Shot at 600ishmm. Single exposure last year during rising of a super moon.


Sleepyhead Saturday. What a beautiful creature! I bet @ben_the_bernedoodle would love to play. @coopermarsh , is Homer in?


Here’s to many beautiful sunrises in the upcoming weather 🙌🏻


Saturday’s are for Sunrises with friends 🙌🏻❤️🙌🏻


#Tbt and a sight I cannot to see soon. Tis almost the season for @ben_the_bernedoodle and I to hit the sunrise trips 🙌🏻🐾 #bernedoodle #doodle #sunrise #live #love #canoe


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