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Who’s excited for this foot + of snow here in the northeast? I know @ben_the_bernedoodle is! Now if only we could figure a way to keep the snowballs from attaching to him!

New Hampshire

Amazing video by @pscummings 🙌🏻. Some fun training days at CFF with some studs of the sport.
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"Toughness knows no gender."
🎥 “Potential” by Patrick Cummings. Link to full video in bio.
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CrossFit Free

Stairway to . . . 🤔. Looking forward to doing some city wandering soon. .
📸: @sonyalpha A7rii with 16-35 Sony Zeiss

Miami, Florida

Little throwback to a magical land. Looking forward to playing with more dreamscapes coming up and incorporating some great things I learned from @blazing_heavens 🙌🏻


With the last bit of light shining down over Bryce following the storm, we were welcomed with a beautiful double rainbow. I got many shots In this moment. . . This one handheld with the @sonyalpha a6300 and 16-70f4 Zeiss lens. Thankful for Sony’s versatility with their gear and the ability to carry more; while having it handy for brief moments like this.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Tuesday morning feels. Sleepyhead of Norway, just taking his mid day nap .
📸:@sonyalpha a7riii w/ 70-200 G master


A little perspective than what’s been blasted all over IG lately. Granted, those views are amazing also haha. This place is amazing. @juanp_crossfitfree @nitopala_crossfitfree : your dream field. Shot on @djiglobal Phantom 4, cropped for IG.


Storms a coming in! <300 people live down on this little island. This was an awesome experience and place to visit. Thank you @thomazophoto 🙌🏻 & thank you to @djiglobal for making this possible

Husøy, Senja

Little throwback to a first sunrise viewing. . . And what a beauty it was. Much less sunrises this year so far, from prior. I must be awaiting that beautiful MW season 😍

Hampton Beach, New Hampshire

Sunrise, always a beautiful thing to witness. In Norway, a little extra special. @djiglobal captured this prior to take off. Genius little device ☺️😍🙏🏻
📸: @djiphantom 4 Pro +

Lofoten Islands

First light outside Reine and surrounding. Gorgeous morning spent wandering souther Lofoten Islands. Thanx to @djiglobal for getting this Phantom 4 Pro to me prior to this trip . . . Made for more amazing views 🙌🏻

Lofoten Islands