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Lover of Home, Design, Decor...as any Property Brother would be 😁 #PropertyBrothers #SailingWithTheScotts


This sealed the deal 😊 In love with the beauty of life here!
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We had our hearts set on a different sort of honeymoon—being able to immerse ourselves in the culture of #Ecuador and make a positive impact on the lives of people who live in this beautiful country is making our honeymoon dreams come true. 🇪🇨❤️


Enjoying the beauty of #Ecuador with my beautiful bride. #honeymoon


Our life long adventure together starts here❤️


Not only tell them, but subliminally remind them every day to reach for the stars 💫. #interiordesign #kidsroom #playroomdecor


Jonathan and I want to make YOU our VIP guest as we sail to the Bahamas! We’ll even give you a virtual home makeover, plus furniture to make it a reality! Up for this cray-sea (😜) good time? Support a great cause and click my bio link to ENTER!


Thank you Tegan and Sara for introducing us to LoveLoud! I am so inspired by the energy and unconditional love shared at the festival. This is how it should be everywhere!

In my 20 plus years of helping families find and build their dream homes, the single most important lesson I’ve learned has not been about open concept or hardwood floors or that getting rid of carpet in the bathroom is a must 😆... It’s that the foundation of any healthy home is love.
Not just a love that’s a pretty picture on the wall.
What we need more of now is a love that speaks volumes, one that is messy, a love that comes in all shapes, sizes and colors.
A love that defies naysayers.

And there are many of those. But my dad always said: if someone tells us we can’t do something, show them 5 ways to do it.
This - us being right here together - is already one big, amazing way of showing the world that this crazy thing called love is not an exclusive club. We all deserve to love and be loved. Everyone is invited and we are just getting started. Starting with conversations, asking questions, making connections... Be it through music, painting, dance, science, sports or poetry.... let’s show the world, that our love will not be dictated, silenced or sidelined.
Let’s show the world that in order to build communities with positive leaders, artists, teachers and change makers, we first need open hearted moms, dads, siblings, colleagues and friends at home who are ready to love loud. 💛
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Fancy a spot of tea before bed? #interiordesign #designdetails #livingroom #livingroomdecor


It’s the perfect day for a #pool party!! I’m thinking we may be a little overdressed🤣☀️ #propertybrothers @mrsilverscott


Reminiscing about colorful suits and running around Italy with my best guys! @mrjdscott and @mrsilverscott definitely know how to throw an epic bachelor party! Click the link in my bio to watch #BTS footage! #TBT #LindaAndDrewSayIDo


❤️ this living room design and wouldn’t change a-NEIGH-thing about it even if I could 😜. #interiordesign #livingroom #livingroomdecor


‪Kicked off #SharkWeek with some 🦈🍕!‬