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Happy Valentine’s Day y’all. I did have the sheets over me but I farted just as the camera clicked and it blew them off 🤷🏽‍♂️


I had one of the best meals EVER tonight. And interestingly enough, in a place a little like home!! Hollywood meets Essex! 😂

Beauty & Essex Los Angeles

David Rose | @schittscreek | BW outfit vibes. @instadanjlevy #ootd #schittscreek


1. It’s raining in LA? 2. I need the sun 3. I miss Palm Springs 4. I just needed an excuse to post this again. #tbt #throwbackthursday #repost


This is sort of a #tbt - yes the photo is old but feeling Meh is evergreen. Meh is today. #throwbackthursday #meh


#tbt to that time I lost my pants and was really confused, which is weird because I never wear pants. #throwbackthursday


A break from the usual partially naked selfie. Had the best New Year’s eve with my family. I miss my mum today, I’m not well and she’s all the way in England so can’t pander to my needs. 😢


Unpacking all the @hotelchocolat that I bought in England makes me realize two things: 1) I’m really greedy. 2) I’m really greedy. 😍🍫


Back home in LA after one of my favorite trips back to London and Essex. Whilst the palm trees, sun and warmth keep me smiling, there’s nothing quite like London. 😍

Buckingham Palace

Got to ring in the New Year in one of the world’s most beautiful castles! Magnificent evening. Side note: I have a habit of pooping in stately homes.

Leeds Castle

Something about the icy cold air makes me feel like it’s slowing down the aging process. Frozen in time. Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to being warm back in LA.

London, United Kingdom

I was rushing by to grab coffee so it seemed only appropriate to immortalize the moment. Hopefully see the queen before I go back to LA @gemmacollins1 😘

Gemma Collins Boutique