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I truly believe that there are no losses, there are only lessons. Every human being is going to have their share of challenges. How you deal with those challenges determines the quality of your life. Turn that sows ear into a silk purse.


Me and my baby at an incredible wedding in New Orleans. Great time, great people and great food.


Great photo of a great group from The WACO Theater Center Grand Opening Weekend festivities. @billbellamy @nicoleariparker @mstinalawson

WACO Theater Center

We had a great time @thedoctorstv talking about our #hurricaneharvey relief effort

WACO Theater Center


This is what I teach. She is the purple cow in this group. A complete free spirit not concerned about others opinion. LOVE THIS

WACO Theater Center

Check it out tonight on Entertainment Tonight at 7 pm PST.


This is the place WHERE ART CAN OCCUR. The WACO/RLstudios dance group. We start the day with intention, enthusiasm and an eye on the prize. Whatever that is for you. Postulate your purpose and then nothing, nothing, nothing can stop you. #wacotheatercenter #mstinalawson #sundial #empowerment #dancefitness #rlstudio @wacotheater @mstinalawson @weareivypark

WACO Theater Center

My current fitness journey began when I got in a beach body test group.I lost 12 1/2 pounds in 7 days.After that I joined beach body on demand and discovered Shaun T’s @shauntfitness dance program called CIZE. You’re never too old to dance.I have made 70 revolutions around the Sun,but it feels like 30. The best thing is that I get a chance to workout with my wife because we both love to dance .Get your ass up and start moving! Plus notice that we’re rocking the coolest sports line in the world @weareivypark @mstinalawson @wacotheater @rl_studios #Cize #wacotheatercenter #ivypark #sexymofos #danceyourassoff


I started not to post this but because I believe in do as I do not do as I say I had to put it out there. Every actor needs to go to dance class, voice class and of course work on all aspects of there instrument. Every morning at 7 we dance. Big fun!!! #mstinalawson #sundial #empowerment #RLS #richardlawsonstudios #wacotheatercenter

WACO Theater Center

An inspired moment while teaching

WACO Theater Center

EC25reunion photo bombing Bill Bellamy and his lovely wife Kristen. Dancing my ass off. Celebrating Magic and Cookie Johnson.


#ec25reunion man oh man what a great time we had. The trip last year this time was the most magical time. The reunion was a testament to the love that was experienced by all. The love the Johnsons share is a bar that we should all aspire to reach. Thank you Earvin and Cookie.


Come and join us and all our friends by bringing cleaning supplies for the hurricane victims in Houston. 5144 Lankershim Blvd N Hollywood. If you can't physically come you can always go to amazon prime or online to any of major chains like Costco or sams club or Walmart. If you are a vet some stores give 10% off. People need your help @mstinalawson @kellyrowland #helphouston #sundialbrands #support #hurricaneharvey #breadoflife #richardlawson #richardlawsonstudios

WACO Theater Center

Two of my dear old friends what kind enough to bring cleaning supplies to the Waco theater center to help support the initiative of taking truckloads of supplies to the flood victims in Houston. With all that's going on in the world we truly need to understand that we are one. It's imperative that we help each other. LaTanya and SAM were so kind to be a part of this journey. Join us by bringing your cleaning supplies to the theater so that you can help people who've lost everything. We are open Monday, Wednesday Friday and Saturday 8am-8pm and Thursday 8am-7pm. @mstinalawson
We love these two generous , humble people . @ltjackson_ And @samuelljackson ❤️❤️Come by and drop off some cleaning supplies from Costco please! We already have the boxes and palates. Help us fill them up to send to Texas !!❤️@biancajasminelawson

WACO Theater Center

My beautiful talented daughter helping to support The Waco Theater in its project to collect cleaning supplies to truck to HOUSTON to help flood victims get their lives back together. Join us in this initiative. We can make a difference, one day, one person, one community at a time. The address is listed below. You can drop off from 8-8pm Monday-Wednesday And Friday and Saturday 8-6pm Thursday

WACO Theater Center

We are collecting cleaning supplies to truck to HOUSTON to support the people who have been severely affected by the hurricanes. Bring your supplies to Waco Theater Center 5144 Lankershim Blvd N Hollywood CA 91601. Monday- Saturday from 8am- 8pm. Bring the larger bottles of cleaning solutions, mops, Clorox, sponges, brooms, toilet bowl cleaners. Thank you for your support. @mstinalawson @marilynbooker @samuelljackson @ltjackson_ @kellyrowland @beyonce

WACO Theater Center

2 years dealing with inspectors, plan checks, blue prints, moderations, delays, regulations, change orders, etc. to make this a reality. We have created a space where art can occur. It's an art gallery, a legitimate theater, a movie theater, they film making studio, and empowerment academy, A multi use event space, it's a place for dance recital's, just to name a few of the many wonderful things that will happen in this glorious space. Our grand opening is November 3. Art gallery opening,Friday night, screening of a film Saturday afternoon. An incredible play with incredible actors on Saturday night.


WACO Theater Center congratulates our sponsor. Sundial Brands. for being named the 10th largest black owned company in America by BLACK ENTERPRISE magazine. We are proud of our association with them and look forward to continuing a great collaboration!! #sundialbrands #mstinalawson #blackenterprisemagazine


Playing the admiral on Stitchers tonight @StitchersTV @Freeform


You ready to have a great time at raging waters. A fun outing the Warriors and Angels before they go back to school. We had a great time.

Raging Waters Los Angeles

24 Tina's Angels and Richards Warriors with 7 chaperones having fun at Raging Waters park. Big fun. #sundial #wacotheatercenter #whereartcanoccur #mentoring #mentorship #empowerment @mstinalawson

Raging Water ,San Dimas,CA

One of my favorite people in the world @angelaegibbs and my dear friend @vanessabellcalloway. And of course the unforgettable #roxieroker


Hung out with half the Warriors today. We had a great time at the theater. Talked about some really important stuff like what is your dream and how you go about achieving it. Setting goals for the new school year. The proper way to meet and confront someone with strength, dignity and respect. Also what our next cool field trip will be before the school begins. They're a great group of young men. #mentorshipprogram #mentoring #richardlawsonstudios #mentoring #Jayhadley #wacotheatercenter #whereartcanoccur #sundial

WACO Theater Center

What an inspiring message. This viewpoint is the foundation of my teaching. If you are pursuing your dream then you are living through your purpose.


WACO theater center's mentoring program, which is warriors, took a field trip today and went to see war for the planet of the apes. We had a great time. #whereartcanoccur #wacotheatercenter TheaterCenter #richardlawsonstudios Studio's #richardlawson #mentoring #mentorshipprogram #Jayhadley