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@3100film (ultrarunning) opens in theaters this fall. See link for trailer. @gatherfilm is in prod. Won a James Beard Award-for 🎥 #foodchainsfilm

As most of you know, a few years back I began a film project on Ancestral running coupled with what I believed was a modern example of ancient fitness practices - the Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race (@3100film). It takes place around a 1/2 mile loop in Queens. As it happens @spartan CEO Joe De Sena was himself inspired by that race and, of course, was inspired by ancestral fitness practices in creating Spartan. Joe and Spartan helped with the completion of the film. As we plan our fall theatrical release I find more and more the urge to express my spiritual aspirations thru physicality and to find as many running courses that both push my fitness and connect me to the elements at the same time. This was one such workout in one such place. @spartan @peak_races @spartanuppodcast @spartanendure


I absolutely love hand-drawn movie posters like the classics from the 70s (the blaxploitation films, Star Wars, etc). But more modern efforts like
@strangerthingstv @babydrivermovie and #Super8 all had incredible vintage looks. I think these types of approaches work really well if a film has a mythic (Star Wars), uber stylish (Baby Driver), or wildly fantastic (Stranger Things) premise. Often, those types of projects have an indescribable quality that’s hard to capture using a single photograph for a poster. We felt the same way about @3100film. Clockwise: we have a Navajo runner (who runs a 110 mile ceremonial journey), a Bushman (who hunts by foot), a Japanese Monk (on a 7 year running quest), a cellist (running the 3100 mile run) and a paperboy in the center (who has done the 3100 Mile Run 14 Times!). They’re ALL central characters to the film and their stories interweave weirdly well. But we needed a way to capture the feeling of the film in a way that single frame couldn’t. Even a collage couldn’t do it justice. Enter Derek Gabryszak @derekprints who created one of the most spectacular single frame manifestations of our narrative that I could ever imagine. The film hits theaters in August @rocofilms #runandbecome @spartan @wings_of_america


I was born October 30, 1974 in Nigeria at 7:30 pm. That night a thousand miles away in Kinshasa, Congo, Muhammad Ali was engaged in an epic duel with George Foreman. The fight was originally slated to be held in Lagos, Nigeria, but at the 11th hour the Congolese strongman dictator Mobutu offered promoter Don King untold millions to shift the fight to the DRC. Nigeria was so angry that it banned the broadcast of the fight which allowed the doctors to focus on my mom’s labor and delivery. 😂.
On October 30, 2009 I traveled to the Congo with Muhammad Ali’s eldest daughter Khaliah (not pictured) to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the Rumble in the Jungle. She was born the summer of ‘74 and her dad had dedicated his fight to her. Khaliah and I were the guests of a remarkable young woman @noellacoursaris (pictured) who had been raising money to start a school for girls. She was forced to leave the country as a child after the death of her father. She was sent to Europe where she ended up becoming a successful model. Years later her heart yearned to help girls like her. Khaliah and I spent a morning in a dusty field where Noella wanted to build a school. Ten years later the school has been built, has graduated hundreds of young girls and has emerged as a model for girls education everywhere in Africa. I’ve been so impressed by Noella and her NGO @malaikadrc that when they asked me to join the Board I so eagerly and gratefully accepted. Follow @malaikadrc for an endless stream of positive, heart warming content. #girlpower #girlsrising #thegirleffect @vossfoundation @karagerson @blackopalbeauty


The feature length running film we made on the 3100 Mile run @3100film opens in 5 weeks in Santa Fe (8/17) before rolling out to Arizona (8/31) then the Pacific Northwest (9/7) and Colorado (9/11) before hitting the big cities like NYC (10/26) - all for a week or more with 3-4 screenings a day. Gonna need everyone’s support: physical or spiritual. Here’s our mini teaser which will bombard the social media airwaves for a couple months. Don’t hate me. It’s actually a really good movie - and I’m not just saying that! I nervously shared it with 3 former world record holders: Tegla Loroupe, Paul Tergat and Patti Dillon (Catalano). Their comments humbled me to my core. They were beautiful and gave me confidence that this film will really be of service to the running community. If anyone knows any writers or podcasters or pro runners who would dig getting an advance screener of this, please tag them below or DM me? Ok, I’ll stop this beg break and allow you to return to your regularly scheduled programming. 😂


So many glorious and gorgeous shots of ultras running down my feed like @wser @marathondumontblanc @lavaredoultratrail so i thought I would throw this out there. Today was the 14th day of the Self Transcendence 3100 Miler. 95+ degrees. Humid. Saturday in #NYC and 10 souls gutted out 60+ miles each on sidewalk. @kobiultrarunner and Vasu hit 1000 miles today averaging more than 70 miles a day. Just 2100 miles to go. Eeep. If you’re an ultra distance runner in NYC, you’d best come out and check this for yourself. Humbling and elevating at the same time. @3100film @yolandaholder @williamsichel


It is super depressing being an American right now ... it definitely was for me – until today. I was in Spokane at a conference for @gatherfilm with @kiowaqtee when I got a Google alert that the @thepeacerun was passing through Spokane. I had an extra day and so this morning I joined the run from Spokane to Coeur d’Alene Idaho – 35 miles split up into three legs. The Peace Runners carry a flaming torch, like the Olympic torch as they run a giant loop around the US from state to state - a distance of 10,000 miles. It takes an intrepid team of 12 to 15 men and women 4 months to do this run. But there’s something about it, and it was clearly evident to me today, that this run pulls people out of the woodworks who simply love peace. I thought that those folks were few and far between in this country of ours, but I was glad to have been proven wrong today. When some people saw us running with the torch they were effusive with sheer delight - that folks were running for peace. And number of them stopped to talk about what Peace meant to them in this day and age and to hold the torch, effectively infusing it with their deep longing for peace. It was one of the most moving days I have experienced since the election. I was only able to join the run for one day but I would highly recommend people going to their website and seeing when the run passes through their city. Come out and run a few miles. You might just get a newfound hope for our country’s future like I did.


Huge huge huge congratulations to the absolutely sweetest couple I know - @sarahimadeh and @ialhusseini #sarahandibrahim - who allowed 700 of us to take part in an exceptional display of their heartfelt love. It was an honor to be amongst their friends and family and to bask in their deep affection and oneness. Thank you for the friendship and for the many new friendships made this week.


Obligatory selfie with locals in Beirut. Long hot run down winding roads with numerous ice cream and water stops. Beirut is a challenging city to run in with traffic that treats runners like ants, but the history and ambience make runs highly enjoyable nonetheless. #igrunner #marathon #ultramarathon #marathoner #run #runner #running #igrunners #runnersofinstagram #instarunner #instarunners #instarunners #worlderunner #runitfast #runarchy #trail #trailrunning #runandbecome #runhappy #runfree #getdirty #sarahandibrahim @3100film


Many many many thanks to the @illuminatefilmfestival where we had our premiere last week. To our great delight, we received an award - Best Film, as selected by the Festival Director! There were audience awards and jury prizes given to other films, but we were honored and touched to receive this one. Grateful to everyone who came out!
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A huge shout out and thank you to @illuminatefilmfestival for hosting the world premiere of @3100film yesterday. There is nowhere else we actually would’ve rather been than in Arizona. A good chunk of our narrative took place here and due to the proximity of the great Navajo nation, some of our Navajo stars were able to attend with their families. It meant so much to us to be able to share the film with Navajo elders and local supporters of indigenous communities – I don’t think we would’ve had that opportunity at any other festival anywhere else in the world. It was extremely significant to me to be able to show the film for the first time to the folks that gave us such incredible access to their lives and stories. Plus, this particular film festival is dedicated solely to cinema that uplifts and transforms. Cinema is a great tool for telling stories, but far too often many of the things that are made cost a ton of money and probably don’t do anything to raise peoples consciousness. No harm in pure entertainment of course, but it is refreshing to be at a festival that solely wants to support films that try to illuminate. Thanks to everyone who turned out from far and near! @elisaestrada @taylorbegoody @jay_r_frank @kenisha.rowe @tanya_meillier and especially @yazziemartin. The film will be back in theaters in the southwest beginning in August and then pushing nationwide (edited) . #runandbecome (photo is of Japanese 1000 day monk) @wings_of_america @quinnthenavajo @lsingh @snehac_94


Heading to Sedona next week for the world premiere of @3100film at the @illuminatefilmfestival. I am so incredibly proud of this film and from the early test screenings that we have done, I think runners of all shapes and sizes are going to get a lot from it. Many of us know that Running is not just something we do for health, it’s something that we do to become better people. But little do we know how reliant human beings were on this activity for millions of years. It was a way to connect both to the earth and to the heavens through one’s breath. This is not mumbo-jumbo. Running made us who we are as a species. These days, without that spiritual foundation, it can be really hard to get enjoyment out of running, especially if you have any injuries or if you live in a city. That’s why I am so grateful to @rocofilms for helping us bring this movie to theaters all over the US beginning in the middle of August. Stay tuned! .
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