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Raising 5 daughters w/ @nshaym
From CA to ATX
Loving the children ❤️🌍
Loving the mothers💚 🌏
Caring for widows 💕🌎

These three: the middle & the littles 🙅🏼‍♀️👯‍♀️ Umm could you look at mom, at the same time, and smile, maybe? They’re cute. Their dad always gets better pictures. He has them trained. Me, not so much. #mitchellgirlstribe #imnotgoodateverything #wheresdadwhenyouneedhim #canwegetapicture #bestill #gettogether #turnaround #smile #willyoubestillplease #standnexttoyoursister #hello #iknowyoucanhearme #andyourespinning 😐🤦🏻‍♀️😊#ohmygosh #girls #imtryingtotakeyourpicture #ohlawdy #hahahaha #letsgo #mylifeisrich #thesearethemoments 💞


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Today is #WorldRefugeeDay ... it’s easy to get political before we get personal. My stance is simple, no human is illegal. Are we not all sojourners just passing by?! #comeasyouare


This post is about us with zero judgment towards any of you. 💛 We were in Paris because it was our 15th Wedding Anniversary. It probably looked spectacular and amazing and romantic (specifically if you were following my stories). And it truly was. What you didn’t (and typically don’t) see is the mundane, unattractive often excruciating work that got us here. And I’m talking about “here” as in fifteen years, not as in France. We’re still trudging through. We have NOT arrived. It’s still treacherously difficult. Many of you know us and look at us and think we’re “the perfect couple” (your words, certainly not ours) and the truth is that you simply don’t know our story. Most of you don’t actually know. Oh mercy. What a story. Even now unfolding. Marriage: it’s been so hard, people, it has been continually difficult and pain filled. Maybe it shouldn’t be, but it has been (for me). Marriage has grown us and changed us and stretched us and challenged us. And check it, we’re still choosing each other! It’s also been an adventure filled, fun ride. And what a treasury we have amassed thus far. We’re still in it. We’re still going for it. We’re still laughing through the muck that is and will be. We’re still crying and growing and trying and hoping. We continue to fight for connection. We’re still putting one foot in front of the other WITH each other. Surprisingly those footsteps brought us to Paris this year. So a great big hurrah for that! ✨❤️🇫🇷 And Happy 15th @nshaym I love you


“Crêpes fer yer nerves” ~ I don’t think he said it, but it’s something he would say @nshaym


This moment was a kiss from heaven. Still no words. #parisjetaime #ididntthinkiwould #iwassoverywrong


I have no words, only tears. I’m so happy. I’m overwhelmed. This city is breathtaking. #swoon #parisjetaime #ifeellikeiminafairytale #pleaseputparisonyourlist #comevisit #itsmagic #onlymoreso #trustme #please #picturesdontdoitjustice


Oui s'il vous plaît 💞💐


You knew what was coming next #onmarinasreadinglist


Mother and Me Tea supporting @stlouisehouse was such a sweet time despite the weather BONUS: I got to spend some time with the two eldest girls #mylifeisrich #motherdaughterday