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This is the before ❤️🙏🏾


This is not right !!! After eating all of that Thanksgiving dinner that we are at the movies getting popcorn and chocolate covered almonds but what the hell ! I will start on Monday😂


One more Calvin Klein ad Campaign photo soo friggin Cool❤️ Not only did she appear in Ad Campaign she Curated it !!!


Solange keeps surprising me❤️ Calvin Klein Ad Campaign❤️


Go Solange and Kelela !!!Kudos to Calvin Klein 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾On this beautiful Ad Campaign❤️


Cograts to this beautiful couple. Serena was a beautiful bride and there was incredible love and Joy in this union 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️❤️❤️


Now i can say that i was at one of the most beautiful weddings ! That room was so filled with joy and love . Real Love with real folks. Congratulations to this amazing couple. Alex and Serena ❤️


With my Super fly friends @ltjackson_ and @lindajohnsonrice at this beautiful event on Sunday . “In A Perfect World “ Charity saves girls, builds schools and helps girls in Africa As well as America. The amazing Manuela Benet’ started this charity and works tirelessly!❤️


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. No this is not growing out of my head it’s a tree on the table! but......it’s really beautiful and I think I’m gonna bite the idea!❤️


Stuck at airport😩 security lines were so long ! I got there hour and a half early! @ltjackson_ ❤️


This is Olive , one of my beautiful Tina’s Angels! This is exactly what we wanted to accomplish with this program , soo proud of Olive ! She has improved her grades and her confidence❤️


Close up of my girl looking beautiful in Yellow looking like the warrior that she is . ❤️


I’m soo proud of my baby Solange !! Glamour Magazine’s Woman Of The Year award last night in New York . I was in the audience crying and beaming with pride. ❤️


At the #justlikemychild foundation gala tonight with my dude❤️


This is the amazing writer Terry McMillan writer of “waiting to Exhale”and Stella got her groove back she also wrote the screenplays for these two !Two of my favorite chick flicks!❤️at #justlikemychild event. We go way back! My friend @mstew10 introduced us❤️


Visit Throughgood Coffee shop in Houston Texas tomorrow for a # 4 Miss Tina . UmUm good❤️Pastor Rudy Rasmus named this tasty dish after me ! Thankyou Rudy❤️


Quick trip to #miamibeach and back but in the voice of Biggie on LL Cool J ‘s song i ‘m goin back to Cali” 😀❤️


Lucky to know these two amazing people @billbellamy and @nicoleariparker


Corny joke time


I’m in the sun , near the water in heaven❤️in Miami !


Love being in the photo with all these fine fellas 😀They are the cast from The Movie “ Detroit “ They came to our Grand Opening this weekend ! The movie was one of our sponsors and are going to sponsor field trips for our Angels and warriors. If you have not seen this movie do yourself a favor and go and see it it is true history and it is riveting❤️


This is too cute .I had to repost it❤️


Two of my favorite people ! My handsome hubby Richard and my beautiful Bonus Daughter Bianca Lawson at our grand opening party this weekend. @wacotheater .


A Soul food reunion of the three sisters . Played by Malinda , Vanessa And Nicole! Bird , Maxine, Terri! ❤️ These Three beauties celebrated our Grand Opening weekend of The Waco Theater (Where Art Can Occur )Vanessa and Nicole honored us with their presence in our first production❤️They killed it !!! Malinda came to support her sisters❤️


Me and Richard and our friends Tamiko and Jerry Mosely with the wonderful cast of the Doctors Show today . Thanks to our friend lita Richardson an executive producer on the show ! We will be talking about Hurricane Harvey and Our efforts to get cleaning supplies down there to Bread of life with Rev. Rudy Rasmus 2 pm pacific time here in La . CBS @mrrichardlawson @wacotheater


My favorite actor on Grey’s Anatomy The handsome Mr. Jim Pickens Came by to see our first production The Talented Tenth. We were soo honored to have him ❤️


This weekend at our second night of our Grand Opening Weekend ❤️


This weekend for our grand opening we were so honored to be able to pay homage and to give lifetime achievement awards to two of our greatest innovators of black theater. Mr. Woody King a legend . He Helped to launch careers of some of the greatest actors of our time . Mr. Denzel Washington Mr. Samuel Jackson , Ms. Latanya Jackson , Mr Glynn Turman and many more! We also Honored the legendary Richard Wesley writer of countless broadway plays. Our first production was one of his plays called” The Talented Tenth (which my Hubby Richard starred in in the eighties And he has done 4 of his plays) ! I was blown away by seeing how much they contributed to Black Theatre. ❤️ in fact They Are Black Theater. It was a dream weekend❤️❤️❤️👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾


This is what goes on at the beginning of a class at our acting school RLS at @wacotheater One of Richard ‘s things is to dance at the start of class to loosen up and get rid of the day ‘s stress and i can tell you it works!!! If you are interested in acting classes this is the place to be !! He is the best teacher that I’ve ever seen , such a motivator! He offers several types of classes ! Inquire at Waco Theater Center. Online Classes available❤️ instagram @wacotheatre. Free open classes-everyday this week!! I


We are so blessed to have these amazing talented actor friends, Who so generously donated their time for this great cause. The super talented veteran actor Glynn Turman, And the beautiful talented Vanessa Williams, This wonderful , pretty talented actress Naja Okuro. ( The Good Fight) They did our first production Richard Westleys “The Talented Tenth” @wacotheater