"Everyone puts sour cream on their mozzarella sticks, that's normal"


"... in cold water"


"I had to scoop you up" 💕💕 #juniors #sheswithhim


being Naughty has never tasted so Soft!


Because Hayley said I needed to post more, and because I'm full of school spirit 💜


Happy birthday to my bffl Jay Duesh/Lucy/JuJu/J Crew/Jules/every other nickname you have that I can't think of bc they're so silly. I know you haven't seen Parks and Rec, but you're the Ann Perkins to my Leslie Knope. Seeing you is the absolute highlight of my day, and the rest of my day is just spent thinking about how I can't wait to tell you something. I'm so happy that sitting next to each other in health and being afraid of dogs has brought us so close together. You are a spectacular person who brings nothing but positivity and sunshine into everyone's life. ☀️You've given me the confidence to be silly without caring, which has led to some of our greatest moments. With you, I don't care if I laugh so hard that I cry in the middle of American History, or end up telling Mrs. Whittaker who I like 😁😁😁 I can't wait to live across the hall from you and your husband in an upscale apartment complex with all of my cats. I love so so so so SO freaking much and I hope that you have a wonderful birthday 💖💖💖🎈🎈😘🎈🎈💖💖💖


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