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✹“Magic hour lovers” ✹ with @natalyosmann. ☼ Tag a person you love watching sunsets with. ☼ What’s your favorite sunset spot?

Tanah Lot

Mood of the day....@natalyosmann. Let 2018 begin


#followmeto Happy New Year with @natalyosmann. 🎄What are your New Year’s resolutions??🎄 Mine is to bring back the six pack I promised to my wife after the wedding 😂


#followmeto Wat Arun - Temple of Dawn, Bangkok with @natalyosmann! Who has been to Bangkok? Share your impressions!
#следуйзамной в Ват Арун - Храм Рассвета, Бангкок вместе с @natalyosmann!
Кто был в Бангкоке? Любите этот город? @S7Airlines #followmetoS7 #фотографиисбываются

Bangkok, Thailand

#followmeto Bangkok, Thailand with my amazing @natalyosmann ! Check out our full video (link in bio) and tell us what you think! Your opinion is really important to us. Tried a new approach with a handheld camera here. Turn subtitles ON!

#следуйзамной в Бангкок, столицу Тайланда вместе с моей невероятной @natalyosmann! По ссылке в профиле - наше новое видео про то, как, открывая друг друга, мы открываем весь мир! @S7Airlines #followmetoS7 #фотографиисбываются

Bangkok, Thailand

It's been a long time that I realized that in isolation, "we" is just two separate letters. These two letters can only work when they're together.
With you, camera has become a part of me.
With you, I understood that the moments are precious.
I've always been able to live in our moments. Capture them on camera to experience them once again.
I wanted to take them with me.
Time flew by so quickly.
Rewind it a little - who would expect it to turn out like this?
It seems like it was yesterday that I'd captured the uniqueness, ephemerality that once started the longest journey of our lives.
I see you, and I know that you're smiling even though you're looking the other way.
Today I finally came to an understanding that a good journey never has a precise plan. Neither can it have a clear aim.
Move forward, act, discover, create, explore.
For a journey of a thousand miles can begin with a single photo. #followmeto

Barcelona, Spain

#followmeto Tibidabo, Barcelona with @natalyosmann! Who loves Barcelona as much as we do? @s7airlines #followmetoS7
P.s: “Years ago, when I was backpacking across western Europe. I was just outside Barcelona, hiking in the foothills of mount Tibidabo” - who remembers where this phrase is from❓

#следуйзамной в Храм Святого Сердца, Барселона вместе с @natalyosmann! Кто любит Барселону также сильно, как и мы? #фотографиисбываются


#followmeto Barcelona with @natalyosmann ! Watch the full video about “photos coming alive along with dreams” - 👆link in the bio👆turn subtitles ON!

#следуйзамной в Барселону вместе с @natalyosman! Полное видео, про то, как фотографии, а вместе с ними и мечты, сбываются - по ссылке в профиле! @s7airlines #followmetoS7 #фотографиисбываются


What is the journey, falling in love with every city, with every moment.... each day new road, new map... where will it take you? #followmeto
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Renaissance Downtown Hotel, Dubai

#followmeto the infinity pool and skyscrapers - a perfect combo with @natalyosmann. Comment 🌇 if you like the photo. @renhotels @rendxb #renhotels #sponsored

Renaissance Downtown Hotel, Dubai

#followmeto Sheikh Zayed Mosque with @natalyosmann. Bucket list check ✔️- for us it is definitely 8th wonder of the world. What is your top 3 bucket list? #InAbuDhabi @visitabudhabi

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi

#followmeto Louvre Abu Dhabi with @natalyosmann where East meets West. Feels like you are on a different planet. What are your favorite museums? #InAbuDhabi @visitabudhabi #louvreabudhabi

Louvre Abu Dhabi