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Travelling is seeing what’s in front of you from another perspective. Can’t believe I have this gem in my backyard and I’ve only been once. Shame on me 😳

Sony a7rii, 16-35 f2.8 GM
34 mm, 1/1000 at f2.8, ISO 125
@sonyalpha #alphacollective


To me, solitude is a privilege. But solitude can be challenging for some because it often comes with introspection and getting in touch with your true self. Sometimes you might not like what you find. Or even completely reject who you are. To me there’s no difference between an addict and someone who can never be alone. In both cases, the person is trying to fill a void but in the wrong way. Solitude is the perfect way to acknowledge that this void is part of yourself and accept it.


I can’t remember exactly when my passion for landscape photography started but I can for sure say that these people inspired me go all in in this adventure either by giving me the best advice, being extremely generous of their person, answering all my questions, and showing me how it’s done. Who’s your biggest inspiration? Thank you @lebackpacker @rishad @bruinalexander @brentpurcell.nz @debc_nz @ahti.fishing @andrewhardy. And major influence @maxrivephotography @jasoncharleshill @danielkordan @bejamin @donalboyd


To the wild spirits out there. We must acknowledge that there’s an inner conflict happening when someone tries to control our lives in any way. We feel oppressed but we must stay kind and calm. To our family, please understand that we need space to grow, take our own decisions, fail and learn from it. If you try to plan our life we’ll end up running away. To our friends, please let us be who we are without judging. To our lovers, please accept & embrace that we need freedom and that we see life & beauty in everything. Be our guide to become a better person. Be our support when we doubt. We, wild spirits wanna live a full and authentic life. And we know that it isn’t always easy to be around us. But at the end of the day, as independent we might appear, we need your love.
A7rii, 16-35 f2.8 GM
16mm, iso 1000, 20 seconds, f2.8
@sonyalpha #alphacollective


A smart and down-to-earth lady once told me : “Everything is perfect. Life is perfect” Our joys, our failures, our challenges, our losses, our health conditions... Believe it or not, all of these are perfect. Taking life as it is for events that are out of our control, taking these as lessons and learning experiences while striving to become a better person is the only way go. This is why, when I see someone who has everything, health, wealth, family and friends, being incapable of accepting a defeat or facing a challenge and complaining about it, I just can take pity on him/her. Everything is perfect. Life is perfect and so are we. We have to accept it in order to move on, grow and find happiness


Empty road on the way to El Chalten.


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Photographer: “Cath, when you’re done taking photos, can you just walk up there and stand on that rock”
Me :”😑🙄 I am never, ever done taking photos”


When’s the last time you took a minute to ask yourself if you’re going in the right direction? To stop the automatic pilot and really observe if what you’re doing with your life is purely to satisfy yourself and your ambitions, instead of finding a way to help others while you keep growing? We are not born only to learn, grow, make money, buy stuff, make more money, satisfy ourselves with more stuff, trash the planet and die. I believe we all have a higher purpose, which is defined by the gift that was given to all of us. Find this gift, make it a passion so you’re happy in what you do, and find a way to make it a contribution to society and our beautiful planet. Don’t just live and be a consumer, evolve and be a creator of a better world.


« Action ». During my last survival camp, before our big challenge, we had to randomly pick a rock in a bucket. I discovered the word « action » written on the one I picked. We had to think about how this word describes us. I have to say that, for most things in my life, I tend to be a « doer » and go get the things I want. I do not agree with « good things come to those who wait ». To me, waiting is wasting time that could be spent doing the thing I am passionate about. So my piece of advice would be to stay in the action and work for the things you really want. Don’t be afraid to take risks and invest your time, money, energy and yourself for the things you love.
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I’m so excited to announce that today I am launching of all my workshops for summer and fall 2018. There’s choice for everyone, from photography-only focused workshops to multi-day photography adventures & backpacking trips in the wilderness! For the ones like me who like to push their limits, we’ll hike in the dark chasing sunrises & sunsets, walk until we can’t feel our legs anymore & spend sleepless nights photographing the stars and the northern lights. All dates and details are now on my website! Also check out the Facebook page of the workshops to stay updated with the details, availabilities and last minute added workshops. “Cath Simard - Mydetoxtravel - Western Canada tour 2018” Limited spots available

About this shot. I remember seeing Peyto Lake for the first time. At that time I was just starting with landscape photography. I had no idea what to shoot or how to shoot. Obviously this final image is a composite and isn’t perfect. But it’s the proof that with a bit of creativity, technique and imagination, anyone can create a beautiful image. For the ones who’ll attend my workshops, it will be an honour to meet each and everyone of you, teach you everything I know about photography and make sure you come back with epic images and memories. See you there!


What a dream to sleep in one of these. Unfortunately didn’t get the chance to do that. In fact I spent all my trip sleeping in my car or in a tent, which I prefer the most 🙏🏻 This was my first morning experiencing the srtong Patagonia’s winds. Let me tell you that the behind the scene wasn’t glamorous 🤣 Even with weights attached to my tripod everything was moving which made every shot blurry. That was the only sunrise shot I got, but I’m pretty happy with it. And by the way folks, tomorrow I’m releasing all my 2018 workshops details and dates in Alberta and BC 😬😀