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My name is Nikki. My account documents the lives of my fosters and promotes TNR @fosteringapurpose #fosterkittens #kittens #cat #TNR #trapneuterreturn

I’ve moved Mama Liberty and her babies to the bathroom. They’re easier to contain in here while they are being treated for poo issues (which are improving). Mama is sweet and so good at nursing them but she’s not that great at cleaning them. They all just got baths and extra booty srubs. Everyone is clean and happy now. #libertyskittycrew #fostercat #fosterkittens #spayandneuter


ADOPT ME - Last month while on a horrific TNR job, I trapped this young kitty. She was shy, sweet and I just didn’t have the heart to put her back outside. I’m so grateful to @lasvegaspaws who agreed to take her into their rescue. Jewel is now about 7 months old, spayed, vaccinated, healthy and LOVES OTHER CATS! Thanks to her amazing foster mom @seapurrtle she is happy and ready for adoption. The first two videos are when I trapped her initially. When you swipe, you will see the last two photos of her thriving in her foster home! I can’t get over her beautiful spots! She looks like an expensive exotic breed. PLEASE SHARE so we can get little Jewel into her forever home. EMAIL: if you are interested in adopting her. #adoptme #LasVegas #spayandneuter #adoptdontshop #spayandneuter


Returned two feral females back to their outdoor home today. Both were spayed, vaccinated and can now go back to living their lives. All four of the cats we trapped at this location were females who were post-queening 6-8 weeks. The saddest part...there are no kittens around anywhere. This tells us that they all likely died. Car traffic, disease, weather elements, animal and human predators. The odds are stacked against kittens born outside. They don’t just die, they usually suffer greatly before they die. Spaying and neutering prevents ALL that from happening. If you see cats in your neighborhood or near your place of employment, please call your local shelter or cat rescue and asked to borrow traps. Bring them into a neuter clinic. Think of the suffering you will be preventing! #TNR #spayandneuter #neighborhoodcat #feralcat #trapneuterreturn


I think eating sloppy joes in the car would be cleaner than Pancake at dinner. 🐷🥞 #oyvey #fosterkitten #thecarbkitties #spayandneuter #kitten #catsofinstagram #messyeater #thedodo


Snuggle Spud. Cherishing every minute with this sweet boy before his adoption in a few weeks. 🥔❤️ #TheCarbKitties #fosterkitten #fosteringsaveslives #spayandneuter #catsofinstagram #kitten


Mama Liberty’s babies are almost totally litter box trained. Little Philly likes the taste of wet kitten food, but the others aren’t that interested. Now, if we can clear up their diarrhea. Mama doesn’t have it, but the babies do. They all love me you can see, I have four little fans. #libertyskittycrew #fosterkittens #4weeksold #spayandneuter


UPDATE: Looks like we raised enough to have them ALL spayed/neutered and treated medically. Thank you to everyone who generously donated for their care! I’ll be posting updates. ❤️ BARN CATS - This story might be a little long, but stick with me. As you know, I get tons and tons of messages asking for help. Over the past week I’ve been working with a sweet young lady (@somethingbreezy) who reached out to me. She has a friend that has a barn in Iowa. Living there are 10 cats that are not neutered and that are sick with upper respiratory infections. She wants to help but can’t afford the neuter fee for all these cats. She lives 4 hours away but has already picked up the 2 sickest cats and brought them into the vet for medical treatment last week. She did some research and found a clinic that will work with her on the cost. $40 to neuter the males and $60 for females plus $16 for rabies vaccine (which is required). She has scheduled to take vacation time off work to go out there and trap the cats and bring them all into the vet on May 18 (neuter clinic day). This girl is a doer. I LOVE DOERS. Now, we need your help. Southern Hills Vet Services in Creston, Iowa has agreed to take donations to cover the cost. If you would like to make a donation over the phone, please call (641) 782-7056 and ask for Stephanie. Reference the BARN CATS. The funds will be applied for this specific job. I will be posting frequent updates as well. This is a true team effort and I appreciate anyone who can help! #TNR #SPAYANDNEUTER #barncats


Just had their first vaccines and happy news...all three have loving families waiting to adopt them in a few weeks. #thecarbkitties #fosterkittens #spayandneuter


YAHOOOOOO! Just finished trapping the last cat in this colony. The woman who feeds the colony said she’s been trying to trap the females for 8 months and asked for some help. I’m glad she reached out because over the years she has found dead kittens who were hit by cars speeding through this busy parking lot. Reason why she wasn’t having success...she kept feeding them. You have to withhold feeding for 24 hours prior to trapping. They have to be hungry enough to go in the trap. Now, NO MORE kittens will be born here! As you swipe you’ll see we used a #droptrap to catch the exact cats we wanted. If you see cats in your community, feeding them is great but trapping them and neutering them is BETTER! #spayandneuter #TNR #trapneuterreturn #communitycats #neighborhoodcat #feralcat


Little Bagel my HOT MESS is here to remind you of two things: 1) there are approximately 2,300 cats and kittens that are euthanized in shelters every day because of overpopulation. Kittens just like baby Bagel! Please consider fostering. 2) if you are in the New York area. Make sure to get your tickets for @catcampnyc on May 5-6. We have an extra special surprise in store if you are attending my FOSTERING SAVES LIVES presentation on Sunday morning. Trust me, you won’t want to miss it! #catcamp2018 #fosterkitten #thecarbkitties #fosteringsaveslives #adoptdontshop #spayandneuter #hoodrat #catsofinstagram #thedodo


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