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People won’t remember you because you have a beautiful face, they’ll remember you for your acts of kindness. Kindness heals and connects. Remember to be kind to yourself! #kindness #connect #live #love #heal


Just some of the ways I LOVE using Doterra Grapefruit oil. I especially like to drink it in my water in the morning along with aromatic uses to keep my emotions lifted. It’s a good one for the metabolism too! For all of my oilers, get your LRP in before March 15th and receive a FREE bottle of Grapefruit oil. Send me a personal message if you have any questions. Link in bio #doterra #doterraessentialoils #grapefruit #metabolism #wellnessadvocate #womenshealth #naturalhealth


My new favorite ‘flu bomb’ blend. I started feeling like I was getting sick a few days ago and made up a powerhouse blend to kick whatever wanted to bring me down. I take 2 empty veggie caps and add 2 drops of Frankincense, On Guard, Copiaba and Oregano. I take both veggie caps right away and repeat this 2 more times throughout the day. After only one day I feel so much better and I know my cells are stronger than ever! It’s so nice to have natural, safe and side effect free alternatives for my wellness routine!
This is the LAST day to receive 20% off an enrollment kit when you open an account with me. Plus, you’ll receive an extra 25% off in all of your oils for the next year!! See website in bio. Be well!! #wellness #naturalhealth #womenshealthcoach #oils #doterra


Be still my 💕heart💕 Doterra’s Rose Touch is one of my favorite oils to use these days. I roll 3-4 circles over my heart and 2 rolls on the bones behind my ears. I’ve been doing this 3-4 times per day for the past 5 days and have felt more clarity, strength and resilience in my heart. I’ve also been working with a lot of letting go and Rose has been my medicine! These oils are my #1 go to for emotional health! You can order through my website in my bio or enroll for 25% off and receive a free wellness consultation. #happyhearts #love #wellness #womenshealth #empoweredwomen


For many, change is hard, scary or uncomfortable. But it's within the changes and transformations that we tend to grow the most and receive our biggest gifts in life. I've been experiencing so much uncomfortable change these past 2 years and am beginning to soften into the allowing instead of resist, and in the allowing I am able to, once again, connect to the deeper meaning and constant beauty that change offers. #changeisbeautiful #love #beauty #women #empowerment #seekpeace #wellness


You're wings are ready! It's time to soar in your brilliance, take yourself to greater heights and explore your boundless potential. Do not let yourself be tamed. The world needs your magic, openness, beauty and compassion now more than ever. Spread your wings and fly! What are you waiting for? #fly #empowerment #women #naturalhealth #beauty #belief #abundance #why


This morning my heart goes out to everyone who's lives have been drastically altered due to environmental impacts ravaging our world. I count my blessings every day and do my best to stay connected to those that are near and dear to me. Life is a gift that can be taken or transformed in a moment. What are you putting off today that you really want to do? Do it with a grateful heart and share your love with someone who is suffering.
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Simplifying.... It becomes a discipline, a practice, an art form. I started to give away and let go of many things over the last couple of years and it's felt liberating to have only the things I need and love. My goal over the next good chunk of my life is to consume less, experience more and save my time, money and energy for the things that truly bring me joy. #simplify #beauty #domore #wellnessadvocate #womenshealth #naturalhealth #inspiration


Every night before bed I wrap myself, my love ones and those that may be suffering in an energetic golden light. It's a energetic cloak, like a protective layer of strength, love, warmth and peace. It may seem like a small and trivial thing to some but I believe in the power of energy, of prayer and of thoughts. This has become a ritual that feeds me on many levels. Sending a golden ring of light out to all beings everywhere in the world who are alone, suffering and lost. May you feel held if just for a moment in time.
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Has the thought "What will people say" ever held you back from voicing your truth, taking inspired action or making a decision that would move you toward the direction of your dreams? What if that thought was replaced with "How will people feel?" When our focus becomes how we will touch people's lives by living our truth instead of over concerning ourselves with the opinions of others, we can then begin to break free from the shackles of doubt. Believe in the goodness of your intentions and actions and do the things that scare you. The world needs your good deeds. The opinions of others fade away with your inspired action. You can do it. #wellnessadvocate #love #action #inspire #empoweringwomen #yes #carpediem


How do you talk to yourself? So often we work on how we talk to others, spending time, money and energy on ways to better improve our communication skills with our partners. But, what's equally, if not more, important is how we communicate with ourselves. When was the last time you said to yourself....'I love you' or 'I am beautiful and worthy of love' or 'I'm doing awesome'. Staying connected to ourselves through positive self talk is a crucial step toward creating more happiness, freedom, joy and love in our daily lives. Try out some positive self talk today.. It's imperative you do! Give yourself the love you deserve. I promise you'll feel better! #selftalk #empoweringwomen #womenshealth #happiness #love #likeforlike #wellnessadvocate