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📍| From New York, with love.
Here until the end of August, anyone wanna work/shoot/link up? Hit mi lineeee✨ { #summer18 }


🌞 | Sunsets in Brooklyn. My days have been filled with bliss/joy since being in New York. Reconnecting with loved ones, seeing much of what I love about myself/my folx as I travel around. Embracing the love I’ve always wanted to receive, and not giving a fuck who peeps game. There’s so much love, so much warmth around me right now. I couldn’t be more thankful. ✨ { #goodnight }


🌹| Mood: Unamused externally, internally deep in thought.
My face says otherwise, but today was really funnnn haha! We talked about my first time falling in love 🌈✨ Photo series on queer first love coming soon by the beautiful @las.margaritaville. Check out her other work, she’s supaaaa fly! { #queerlove }


🕊️ | Everything is happening right on time.
Twists by @_braidsforyou {#manifest }


🦋 | Lighting my load.
This week has been a reality check regarding fear, ego, insecurity, pain, trauma, suppressed feelings, etc. I had to step out of myself and be honest about my lack of self-support. I’ve focused so much energy outward that I forget to look back in at some point. I’ve allowed myself to entertain energy and thoughts that are associated with a lower vibrational version of self that is no longer present, and I have to take full responsibility for what I’ve allowed myself to go through as a direct result of fear. For so long I’ve allowed ego-fueled fears to lead me, and this week I was reminded that operating out of fear will only create a domino effect. I no longer extend my time/energy/mental space to entertain shit that is not genuine, that is not fueled by love + light, that is based in ego. Especially my own.
If you choose to stay, that’s fly. If not, that’s fly too.
I ain’t mad, honestly.
Captured by @joablouis { #release }


💜 | “This is your big debut, it sure looks good on you!”
Another semester down, two to go. Thanks so much those who showed love Friday at the SophPop Final Showcase! Extremely thankful to be done with another semester and to have an array of music under my belt, it’s been a blessing learning all this GREAT music from musical legends/icons. Here is my rendition of “Peg” by Steely Dan, like/comment/share what ya think!! ✨
Pants from @elevatebygrace
Necklace by @thecrystalchildren { #livemusic }


🔮 | “This ain’t no fantasy dream, Black girl you’re capable of any-and-all-things.”
(vids laggin’ a lil, ‘tis okay tho 🤷🏾‍♀️)

I told myself I wanted to write a love letter to Black people, because we don’t show love to ourselves enough. With negative depictions of us in the media, folx of all hues gaining praise for mocking our legacy, with immense backlash for embodying ourselves wholeheartedly; it’s hard sometimes to think you deserve the praise. The joy, the love, the power. It’s hard to recognize what is truly yours when you’re so used to being taken from. I wrote “black fantasy dream” song as a wake up call, to myself and Black huemans, that we are as powerful as our lineage, and there is no need to shy away from that. Full version coming soon.

Thank you x1000 to everyone who came out to the gallery viewing of “An Ode to a DAMNed Black Man” last night. There was so much warmth, so much joy, and familiarity in a room mixed with old and new faces. It was beautiful to see/witness. To my sis Ozodi (@dinobi.co), you did that. I am so proud of all that this project represents, all the soul + love you poured into this piece. Thank you for giving others a voice in your process of understanding your own. I am always so amazed by your attention to detail, how deeply you feel, and how intentional you are with every. single. action. You are a gem, and I am blessed af to know you. Thank you for allowing myself + @blaqdemarco to add to your narrative last night, and for allowing us into The Land of Oz (even if just for an evening! ✨)
Captured by @jeanalindophoto { #blackart }


✊🏾 | It is our duty to fight for our freedom.
It is our duty to win.
We must love each other and support each other.
We have nothing to lose but our chains. { #blackpantherparty }


🧡💙💚💛💜❤️ by @_osun


✈️ | From Oakland, with love. { #baytola }


🧡 | Thankful to be back in the city that’s seen me at my worst, and my best. Yet still brings me joy every time I step back on this soil.
Though I am counting the days until graduation (2 more semesters after this ‼️) + I’m constantly on the go, I am forever thankful for every lesson, blessing, and soul I’ve met in this city. { #losangeles }


🦋 | Thankful for new friends! Thankful for old souls! Thankful for reflections! Thankful for love! And joy! And fear! And power! And divinity! So many great things to be appreciative for, today has been so full with love + light from many beautiful beings. I am so thankful to experience so much warmth + love at an early age. Thankful I am able to receive as much I give. Thankful for light beings who see your soul + its journey for what it is, thankful for survivors. Thankful for healers. Thankful for y’all, the lovers and the haters, wouldn’t be half the experience without you. Keep growing. Keep thriving. Keep loving. Keep manifesting. Keep being thankful.
〰️ And thank you Oakland yo! I feel so warm, you have restored a love and joy in me that I briefly forgotten. Much love to the Yay. { #yayarea }


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