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Kona’s new catch phrase is #imnotimpressed


Dinner time is every 2 hours now that Kona has her appetite back. Bo’s not complaining though #foodvacuum #striveforfullness #furmachine #cats #cuteies


Behind the Scenes of our new video. I pretend I need help and Bo comes to my rescue #minipanthertotherescue


Kona continues to #Hoover her food as she gets back to full strength. Bo tried to compete with her but fell mighty short 😹😹


Now that Kona has her appetite back no food in this house seems to be safe‼️🙀😹 #foodvacuum #imback #teamkona #thosewhodoubtmyawesomenessbeware #wecanrebuildher


I decided to give Bo some attention today and Kona got jealous and bit him in the face. I guess she’s gotten use to being the focal point this last week while she was recovering 😹😹😹 #bosscat #stinkyprincessrules #standoff


Guess who’s back? Back again... Little Kona girl is going to be ok. She received medications for her eye and ears and seems to have passed the plastic she ate. We were told if we hadn’t taken her in to get the enema and get a second opinion she may not be with us today. Thank you everyone for all of the kindness you’ve shown to our little girl with your kind words of encouragement and help with Kona’s vet expenses. You all really stepped up when it counted just like you did for N2 four years ago. My wife and I will never forget the kindness you’ve shown towards us. 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻


Kona responded well to her treatment and has her appetite back but now her eye is infected for some reason. Her ear trouble just flared up again as well, could be all the stress she’s under. We’re taking her in again and will keep you updated. We’re just happy she’s eating again and has her energy back for the most part. #wecanrebuildher #stinkyprincess😺 #loveofourlives


Kona is purring and has eaten half a container of food this morning. She even was back to her #alphacat ways and left her food to eat Bo’s 😹😹. It looks like our little Stinky Princess is on the mend and should be ok. Just need to get her to drink some water. Thank you so much to everyone who has helped us with her vet expenses so far. We still need to take her in for a separate issue for her ears but it’s not a life threatening matter. We’ll continue to share updates on her so you can see her recovery process.


Kona continues to rest. She has eaten a small amount of food and we’ve given her pain medication to help her cope. We believe she may've eaten plastic casing from a water bottle package and that this may be causing the discomfort that's preventing her from eating. She is losing weight at the moment but we have been able to take her in twice already for X-Rays and a number of tests while also giving her two subcutaneous fluid administrations to keep her hydrated. When she receives the subcutaneous fluids she does have more energy and they hydrate her for about a day or so. She recently had an enema which did allow her to use the litter box and excrete stool which contained plastic in it.
We will do whatever it takes to save our little girl, she is the light of our life and is a part of our family. We rescued her in 2011, she was sick at the time but needed a home, we believe she's approximately 9 years old and has many more quality years left to live. Many of you have been asking how you can help with our little Kona's vet bills. We do not expect anything from anyone but if you would like to help our little girl we will accept your kind donation to help with our little girls ongoing medical expenses. We anticipate she will need more tests to determine how she can be saved so that she can continue eating and drinking and make a full recovery.
So far we've spent $723.16 on her treatment but again our family is committed to saving Kona's life and will do whatever it takes to do so. When we adopted her we made a promise to her that we would always be there for her and we intend on keeping that promise.
Thank you for being apart of our family and loving Kona as much as we do. You can find her gofundme link in our IG description ❤️


Kona had a number of tests and X-rays and we found she had blockage in her body. She received an enema and some fluids and is recovering. We will keep you posted