Nurul Izzah Anwar@n_izzah

Member of Parliament for Permatang Pauh. Mama to wonderful munchkins, Saffster & Mr H. Busy caring about that mirror to your soul.

A wonderful day filled with conversations fully brimming with hope, aspirations and oh so much talent - #SeriPuteri girls in the August House! Smart, eloquent, passionate they may be, but most importantly, wanting to extend empowerment to all girls out there ❤️ thank you kindly @sarrah.salihan for the gorgeous note and bawal outline - and the rest of the partners in crime, and the kind coach and teacher, who maketh magical outcomes possible 😆 #Parlimen


There is no end nor a beginning with wushu, steeped in a five thousand year history, and now to be unleashed through our fine athletes! With a history of producing more than two hundred golds to date (Dato Seri Kee Yong Wee’s intel 😅), I could not be any prouder that tonight - flagging off our contingent for the upcoming #ASIANGames in Jakarta, Palembang and Bandung 🇲🇾


Congratulations to the wonderful @mimpi_kita soul sisters for being the first ever Malaysian brand to be featured in @isetankl , in their tenth year of existence 😘 This might be later gram, but it comes with much appreciation and pride ❤️ #Homegrown


Sehaluan dgn tema #PadikuWarisanku , sejuk hati waibee tonton persembahan gamelan #SMGuarPerahuIndah ❤️ waibee sempat jadi tukang juara #DikirBarat , belum sempat belajar gamelan 😆 #OneFineDay . Our aim is to reorient focus back on our agricultural sector - and revamp the existing system to breathe a more sustainable lifestyle for our farmers. Need to adopt paddy as a strategic commodity. Alas, food security has never been more relevant in the effort to future proof Malaysia #PermatangPauh


Happy birthday to my first ever boyfriend. Who then left me suddenly one night, without any warning, save for the solace filled letter he smuggled out for me thru means I can’t ever disclose for fear of reprisal 😆 the best wish for you, pa, is that you don’t look your age. And your youthful incorrigible optimism has infected me, at long last. We love you, always. Thank you for teaching me the meaning of life. It’s never easy, but better lived defending one’s principled convictions ❤️ #Blood #Sweat #Tears but most of all, is #Love. Sweet 35th, young man.


Featured on @rtm_malaysia today, with my fellow ADUN, YB Dr Norlela - bubbly, and deeply passionate about #PermatangPauh ‘s hosting of #PenangPaddyFestival in Kampung Terus (swipe for info) this weekend. Padiku, warisanku - where else but Pulau Pinang, the land with the highest paddy yield per hectare. You heard me, we’re numero uno ❤️ #Fatherland


Thank you @digitelco and @unicefmalaysia for lending a voice to the victims of bullying. We need to work together in getting the youth to talk, and ensure a safe environment prevails in schools, the workplace, and social media (also in #Parliament ! 😆). @lisasurihani @siwonchoi , and our youngest Malaysian MP for Batu, @praba_p115 were in attendance, among actual experts - here’s looking at you, Dr Goh! to both discuss and listen to the voices of the young 😍 #YouthTalks


Behind the laughter, behind the glee. Years interspersed with much melee. Yet you persevered, mama. You made each moment count. Because you faced them nightmares head on. Head on. And that’s what a presidency should look like. Jangan menyerah kalah. Usaha, doa serta tawakal. God measures not the outcome, but the effort made. And painstaking they may be, but you carried them, seemingly with effortless grace. Love you ❤️ #President


I am a proud Malaysian today, for having this chance to help promote the existing brilliant, and wonderful Malaysian talent pool - from @ruzzgahara , @thebatikboutique , @fernthenewbatik - for starters, as there are many more, awaiting discovery, and eventual embrace. Proud also of the #PermatangPauh women - who helped sew the gorgeous materials @fernthenewbatik provided into usable handicrafts. Malaysian batik and crafts can only make a meaningful mark if it involves the lives of women in its midst. And None of this could have taken place without the artistic direction and just sheer brilliance of , @davidcheahartist and the true architect of painstaking delivery - darling @nadiakaera 😘 @mythinkcity - I owe you truly for connecting the dots and Malaysians, get your butts over here - to Rumah RE:KA , 7-9 Lebuh King, Georgetown, Pulau Pinang. And again, thank you @novakbatik - your sarong piece is truly one for keeps. Thank you also to @karyanekaofficial for kindly collaborating with Malaysians, and here’s to many many other homegrown talents - yes, we are looking for you! Come reach us at @mymotac #NoteToYBBakhtiar 😆 #PermatangPauh


Today marks the world breastfeeding week, celebrated here in Penang. I remember when I first welcomed little Safiyah into my arms - one magical moment that transformed life, and made it all the more beautiful, joyous, fulfilling and complete. Mr H, with his bubbly concoction of never ending witty excuses, and an endless array of Arsenal related updates - now that’s double the happiness any mother could ever hope and pray for. Mama’s milk was the very best I could accord them both - and that mama surely did, six months short of the two year mark. I know there’s many challenges we face, and it hasn’t been easy for every mom. But, that’s why mommies r us. And love for each child matters. Here’s to a 2018 that’s more mommy, baby, and breastfeeding friendly. Thank you World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action, for making babies, mommies, and our foundation of life - rock! ❤️#Penang . Pic of a heavily preggers mama wit lil Saf - courtesy of @thestaronline


The Friday it was. Of time spent, and loved ones lost. Prayers upon prayers, for life to last and love to prosper. Right here on Earth. Before we eventually return to the Almighty. Allah bless all of you, and give you the strength in living life, before all of you are eventually reunited in Jannah.


What does living wage mean to you? Would you rather own, or live in a house, which might not belong to you, but provides sufficient shelter and care. And work onwards to ensure higher take home pay as the year ends. New ways of looking at home ownership, and the need to include actual stakeholders in our conversations. Kudos to the Minister for planning to coordinate all the different housing agencies under one roof come August. But the price escalation by virtue of the trinity of greed led by real estate speculators is one to be mindful of. #Parliament