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When they say let’s take a fun picture but you can’t because you’re still thinking about the time no one laughed at your joke in the first grade.


I got my first tattoo! Been wanting one for a while and I wanted to know how painful it would be so I started small. I can’t tell you what I got so if you do want to see it check out my YouTube channel “Nadeem Hamidy” for the whole Vlog! Thanks to the professional artist @mykiaveli and his assistant @fathercycy for their help!


Officially signed up for my meet! Aslo don’t judge me by my belly, it’s called arching. I swear I have abs... I messed up the unrack (not the spotters fault but mine) but 375 still felt good! Most I have ever hit! 🎥 @jen_varon


Oh you know just a pic of that time I hit 625lbs in my new @barbellbrigade Faction Collection that drops this Wednesday at 7am PST. Thanks for the spot guys @ihviiimattvincent @bonschro @leanna_carr no thanks to @russwole


Open for marriage ladies. Please comment if you are interested and I’ll check your pages out. Please no fighting.
@mykiaveli 🎥


Story Time - How I Sold A Dick Pic For $1000 live on my channel! True story! Check it out on YouTube just search “Nadeem Hamidy”


Dropped my phone today and the screen cracked. Can you leave a nice comment here so I feel better please... thanks


This guy ate @bartkwan


PRd today on bench after so many years! 315x7 lol. Not edited or fake I swear! Also I signed up for a meet finally! More info on my channel next week! @demsdownunder @liamdimitri @evnchn @devantewinfrey


“Dude it’s not a diet it’s a lifestyle” - @seguratom Why train when you can photoshop?


Killed this arm and leg workout today! #BeastMode #RegularHumanMode


If you haven’t already watch my Vlog from 4th of July on my channel! Just search “Nadeem Hamidy” on YouTube!